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  1. Sarah Adam

    Colour correction

    Thank you for your reply
  2. Sarah Adam

    Colour correction

    I have a client who previously had KP 12/01 and decided to go darker 4/3. She doesn't like being darker and wants to return to blonde. Would a colour reducer lift the CT and how much lift would it give. TIA x
  3. Sarah Adam

    Hair extension training, Hampshire

    Viola in Romsey do hair extension training. I attended the tape course and really enjoyed it. The training was very good and thorough. I've attended various companies courses and I would definately recommend Viola.
  4. Sarah Adam

    Special occasion hair?

    It was Classic Bridal and Event Hair
  5. Sarah Adam

    What do I charge for hair extensions?!

    I charge full price, the discount on the hair is for your benefit x
  6. Sarah Adam

    Special occasion hair?

    I did a day's training at my local suppliers Capital. It was a good course and the tutor was very helpful ☺️
  7. Sarah Adam

    Clients losing extensions?

    It also depends how the client manages their hair. Even if you explain how to care for nanos some clients still manage to lose them when brushing their hair.
  8. Sarah Adam

    Euphoria One - Brazilian or Russian?

    I have used the Russian /Mongolian and the Brazilian. I find the Brazilian is thicker, both are lovely
  9. Sarah Adam

    Hair extensions supplying own hair

    Would you do a consultation prior to fitting if they are a new client? I have had enquiries about fitting clients own hair recently, but have avoided doing it. But I don't like turning people down.
  10. Sarah Adam

    Hair weft supplier for LA weave?

    Euphoria One
  11. Sarah Adam

    Advice on hair extensions suppliers

    I trained with Belle and started out using Glamorous Lengths. I then changed to Routes but I now use Euphoria. They are definitely the best I have used. Good quality hair, a good price and so far the service has been excellent. They are well worth a try x
  12. Sarah Adam

    Hairdressing from a garden cabin?

    I was advised exactly the same regarding waste water. We haven't yet connected the water but have a small water heater fitted in my summerhouse ready ☺️
  13. Sarah Adam

    LA Weave with nanos

    Thanks for your help x
  14. Sarah Adam

    LA Weave with nanos

    Thank you for your reply. Can I ask how far round the ear would you come with the weft, tia
  15. Sarah Adam

    LA Weave with nanos

    Hi, I have been asked by a client to fit an LA Weave with nanos at the sides. I will be fitting a full head (150grms) Can anyone advise how many nanos I would need for the sides, I was thinking pack of 20 strands each side? Thanks in advance
  16. Sarah Adam

    Hair extension cutting course

    OK, many thanks
  17. Sarah Adam

    Hair extension cutting course

    Hi all, can anyone recommend a hair extension cutting/blending course preferably in the south? tia x
  18. Sarah Adam

    22” Ombré Euphoria One help

    I recently messaged Euphoria One about the root length and they said it was about 4 inches x
  19. Sarah Adam

    Nano ring help

    I have made a loop out of fishing line and it works fine. I attach a pic
  20. Sarah Adam

    Which tool to use for nano rings?

    I have attached a pic of the fishing line looper. It can be used for nano and micro rings. The loop can be made to the size you need x