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    Make-up afternoon for young teenage girls

    I have been asked by a local church group to do a make-up and skin afternoon for young girls aged from about 12-16. Some of their Mum's are also coming along, but I'd like to focus mainly on the girls as it's their youth group function. I want to cover basic good skincare, and easy light...
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    Body wraps

    I am thinking of introducing a body wrap in my little salon. I don't have shower facilities, but plan to remove the exfoliant and product with hot towels as I have a hot cabby. What do you offer your clients while the wrap is on? Head massage? Mini facial? Anything else? What is the easiest...
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    What and when do you offer food and drinks to your clients?

    What types of food, snacks and drinks do you offer to your clients? Do you offer them before, during or after a treatment? And for what services do you offer them?
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    Do you offer loyalty schemes?

    Do you offer your clients loyalty scheme or card? What do you offer and how do your clients like it?
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    Do you remove in grown hairs when waxing?

    I sometimes remove ingrown hairs by flicking them up with sharp tweezers after waxing, and pulling them out. How long should I spend doing this after waxing? Some clients do not use their after care and have LOTS of surface ingrowns which really spoil the effect of the waxing. Donna
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    What little extra's do you offer your clients?

    I was just wondering, how does everyone make their clients feel really special? What little thing do you do that sets you apart from other salons? What things have clients commented on that they really like? I have an electric blanket on my treatment bed. Also, my bed is quite long, stble...
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    Leg waxing problems

    I have been finding with some ladies, particually more mature clients, that I am not getting a good result from leg waxing.(I use strip wax on legs and I'm only having this result with mainly older ladies with very dry skin). There appears to be a lot of very short strong stubbly hairs left on...