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  1. nickyjpearce

    Numbing cream

    Hiya. Simple answer is yes you can use them in your treatments. Think about it from this point of view anything you inject should be prescribed by a registered medical practitioner. Beauty therapists inject Botox and Fillers all the time nowadays and most of the time their clients aren't...
  2. nickyjpearce

    Working from premises or from home?

    I worked from home for about 5 years, and then got a place in the city. I lost all my regulars and struggled. After 6 months I admitted defeat and went back home. They all came back. A lot of clients prefer a home setting, so long as its set up in a professional way as you would a salon. Some...
  3. nickyjpearce

    Nails at home with no certificates, any advice?

    If you get yourself on a HND course you will get a student loan for your fees and living costs. You don’t start paying it back until you earn over £21k a year. If you don’t earn that after so many years it gets squashed. If your under 21 all your education from FE colleges is free. You may also...
  4. nickyjpearce

    What kind of certificate do I need?

    Look for an Ofqual regulated qualification if possible such as an NVQ. The standards are roughly the same and they are offered by both colleges of FE and private colleges these can be 1-2 years in length depending. Usually Level 2 in the first year followed by level 3 in the second. Private...
  5. nickyjpearce

    Small business grant scheme

    Your business. Your money. It has nothing to do with him how you invest your money unless you have a limited company and he's a director with 51% or more shares! Personally I would bump him off and go somewhere else. People like that don't deserve loyalty because they show none back. Nows your...
  6. nickyjpearce

    Opinions please! Ichill licence free music?

    Contact PRS/PPL. I suspect if its your home your working from, you don't need a license because your just listening to your own music in the course of your normal working day. If that were the case other workplaces would have to obtain a license to use a radio. Additionally, if you keep records...
  7. nickyjpearce

    Card payments

    I use Sumup. Its a card reader that connects to your mobile via blutooth. It costs about £20. You just connect it to your bank account. You also get to use a virtual terminal. So If you don't have your card reader with you. You can logon to your account on a laptop or ipad and use the virtual...
  8. nickyjpearce

    Different between limited company and self employed

    If you're a limited company your liabilities are limited however you have to submit tax returns to both companies house and HMRC, and keep up to date company registers every year. You also have to operate PAYE even for yourself and submit your tax and NI online on the 24th of every month. In...
  9. nickyjpearce

    Numbing cream

    There are only two legal numbing creams in the UK. Emla and Ametop. Both take about an hour to work and are category P (Pharmacy) products. You can get them from a pharmacy without a prescription but the pharmacist will ask what they're for. All other products that you may see online aren't...
  10. nickyjpearce

    Brow wax advice

    From a Beauty and Science point of view the brow shape is dictated according to the Phi golden ratio naturally according to the clients facial structures. Luckily if you measure the brows accurately enough at the beginning of each treatment you can work this out there are then. E.G. get the to...
  11. nickyjpearce

    Refund for wax gone wrong

    If she had psoriasis she will be prone to dry skin. I know it seems contradictory to apply a moisturizer before a wax because we are told it acts as a barrier and this is where you can use this property to your advatnage. Pre wax cleanser should take enough of the moisrturizer off the hair and...
  12. nickyjpearce

    Waxing problem

    Maybe a product failure. Expiry etc or even a reaction with something she had on her skin. Have you used the wax since?
  13. nickyjpearce

    Waxing problem

    The wax went cold. I just warm it up by putting another layer over and then pressing a strip on using the heat from my hand and the wax you put on should be enough to get it to stick to the strip to take off. I always use fabric strips as well. The paper ones rip if its too cold that looks even...
  14. nickyjpearce

    Nose and ear wax

    I just fell into it with my standard level 2 & 3 Beauty qualification and been doing it for 22 years. It's not something we were taught we just developed it as we went along. It's handy if you get someone that knows what they're doing to teach you though. Its not difficult you'd pick it up in an...
  15. nickyjpearce

    Hot wax

    To be blatantly honest IMO it's all in your technique and not so much the product. Most products are derived from a standard formula with a few tweeks here and there. I've used Salon systems cool and hot wax for years with no problems. Spend some time getting used to a cheaper product and you'll...
  16. nickyjpearce

    Just Wax hot wax

    1, Cleanse and apply fine dusting of talc. 2, Apply against growth. 3, Apply in direction of hair growth. 4, Then again against (3 thin layers in all = a thicker layer). Wait a few minutes or go do the next area. (chequerboard pattern) 5, Go back to it and press down until the shine disappears...
  17. nickyjpearce

    Waxing - talcum powder, yes or no?

    Talc does not cause clogged pores lol.... Clients wash it off anyways in the shower the day after. Dunno, where she's getting the, encourages ingrowing hairs from either to be honest. I only use talc when doing hot wax. We were always taught to do that becuase it dries the hair up quicker after...
  18. nickyjpearce

    Waxing advice please

    None! That's why they visit you. Don't be putting yourself out of business. Most of my clients come to me because they can't reach their backs or balls anyways lol.... Sorry I should just say I'm a male therapist and do a lot of Back, Sack and Cracks lol..... Nicky x
  19. nickyjpearce

    New Skills Academy?

    WOW! IMO training for nail techs should cover law, ethics, business, health, safety, sterilization, hygiene, relevant anatomy, physiology, consultation, contra-indications, contra-actions, manicure, pedicure treatments and then the nail system e.g. acrylic, u.v. gel and or fibreglass/silk etc...
  20. nickyjpearce

    Acrylic nails not lasting, 30 weeks pregnant

    You're nails will be producing more oils than usual because of the increase in hormone levels, and this may well be making your nails lift underneath. Only way to make them last is with extra prep. Or it may be a product failure, check with other clients you may have used these products on.