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  1. Lara81

    Brassy roots

    Hi all, it’s been a while since I last posted on here. Iv got a client who colours her hair between 6/7 more a 7 dark blond with cool tones. Her natural is level around a 5/6 with 25% grey hair. Anyway she wasts to cover the greys so I was thinking of using 7/18 wella koleston with 6% to lift to...
  2. Lara81

    Orange roots

    Hi I’m a bit confused as to why my clients hair didn’t lift high enough. She is a depth of a level 6 virgin hair and good porosity. Applied to roots and I used blond me with 6%. iv used this many of times before and had no problems! It was left on the full developing time used with foil! Why...
  3. Lara81

    What colour formula

    Hi Iv got a client who wants this colour. I’m gong to lift it up to a 6 and tone with 55/65 + special mix 0/44 but I’m not sure? Thanks
  4. Lara81

    Pre pig

    Hi again, I’m unsure if I need to pre pig first. My client is a base 7 coloured, she wants to go to a 6-7 with red tones am I right In thinking I don’t need to pre pig as I’m adding red to her hair using 6/74 + 8/75 thanks
  5. Lara81

    Pricing advice

    Hi got another question about how much to charge. I recently put up my prices a bit. I had a client today who waned a full head of highlights, toner and shadow root and cut, so I said £70 is that to much as she didn’t get back to me? Thanks
  6. Lara81

    Demi or permanent Wella

    Hi I need of some advice again,I have a client who is a base 6/7 in different areas with subtle highlights. Her hair is very dull, orange in some places and she wants to go something like 6/74 wella. I’m not sure if it’s best to use a Demi or permanent? Shall I use permanent and half base to...
  7. Lara81

    Hot roots

    Please help! I had a client today who has base 5 on ends mids 6 warm tones and 50% white hair. Natural base 7 She wanted To go to a base 5 all over so we picked illumina 6/43 to match the ends with 6% so I applied this to her roots and then for the last 5min 10min combed the colour down to blend...
  8. Lara81

    Black box dye hair wouldn’t lift

    Hi I need some help. I had a client today she has been dying her hair black for many years and now wants to go a light brown and mid length and ends a dark blond level 6 with weaves. So I did a deep cleanse using wella bleach and 1.9 1-4 ratio, left on for 50min and this didn’t even lift 1 level...
  9. Lara81

    Wella Special Mix

    Hi can you use wella special mix with illumina or is it just Koleston perfect only? Thanks
  10. Lara81

    Colour correction?

    I need some advice. I had a client yesterday who wants to go back to her natural colour which is grey. She had grey roots and mids and ends were brown level 5 l lifted up her mids and ends to an orange. 6% It was left on for full time 50mim then went in to do her roots so it would even it out...