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  1. Sarah Adam

    Colour correction

    I have a client who previously had KP 12/01 and decided to go darker 4/3. She doesn't like being darker and wants to return to blonde. Would a colour reducer lift the CT and how much lift would it give. TIA x
  2. Sarah Adam

    LA Weave with nanos

    Hi, I have been asked by a client to fit an LA Weave with nanos at the sides. I will be fitting a full head (150grms) Can anyone advise how many nanos I would need for the sides, I was thinking pack of 20 strands each side? Thanks in advance
  3. Sarah Adam

    Hair extension cutting course

    Hi all, can anyone recommend a hair extension cutting/blending course preferably in the south? tia x
  4. Sarah Adam

    Balmain bonds

    Today I have removed some balmain bonds and what a nightmare. I'm not balmain trained, however, I did buy the balmain remover from my local wholesalers. I removed the bonds as instructed and it took hours. Has anyone else had trouble removing them? maybe Its just me!
  5. Sarah Adam

    Hair up courses

    Hi guys, can anyone please recommend a hair up/bridal hair course in the Dorset or Hampshire area. Thanks in advance
  6. Sarah Adam

    Plastic tip nano's

    Hi, can anyone recommend a supplier for plastic tip nano extensions, thanks ☺️
  7. Sarah Adam

    Tone down red

    I would be grateful for some advice. My hair was coloured with koleston highlift 12/0 and 12/01. I wanted to get back as near as i can to my natural colour of a level 5. I pre pigged my hair with Wella Colour Touch /43, rinsed and applied a CT 5 to roots and mid lengths, then the ends for 10...
  8. Sarah Adam

    Hair extension price list

    Morning all! I am a hairdresser of over 32 years, bot having worked in a salon for 13, have been working in another area but kept my hand in with family and friends. I have trained in extensions and doing this part time mobile at the moment. I'm trying to put together a price list for micro...
  9. Sarah Adam

    Wavy/curly extensions supplier

    Hi all, Have recently joined and would be grateful if anyone can recommend a supplier for wavy/curly remy human extensions preferably mini links? Thanks Sarah