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    Facial massage cream

    Just use a plain cold pressed almond oil. It's quite inexpensive, gives good slip without having to apply more, and after the first trimester, you can add safe / suitable pure essential oils (always check with the client first). Maybe have a selection of essential oils for them to choose from...
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    Goodie bags for clients

    Samples A gift voucher from your salon - maybe a FREE mini facial or mini manicure - and clients that book in might want to pay the difference and upgrade their treatment A $10 salon voucher and one for a friend Get together with a local hairdresser and ask them for FREE vouchers for a blow-wave...
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    How far do you go with a Bikini Wax

    A standard bikini wax would remove all the hair from around the panty line and about an inch in. I find most ladies book in for a bikini wax, but are actually wanting a high bikini wax, so my prices start from a high bikini, then G-String wax, then Brazilian.
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    Facial Products Not Being Used

    All sound advice. However, don't go for a skincare line just because it's expensive. Choose your skincare based on performance, natural ingredients, local product...whatever your unique selling point is. But, above all, you have to 100% use and believe in your products. I use a natural...
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    Credit crunch has driven my customers away

    Oh, I just have to reply to this one. I'm a therapist working from home as well, and up until last month, things were ticking along quite nicely. BUT, I was in for a rude shock when 3 weeks ago it all turned belly-up! I couldn't work it out. Things just went very quiet all of a sudden. And...
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    Monthly newsletter???

    Hi Emma A newsletter is a great way to keep in contact with your customers! Most customers will leave beacuse they forgot about you more than any other reason. AND, if you do monthly specials, all the better! Let everyone know about them. The best way I have found is to do a 2 sided A4...
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    Removing Wax from the floor!

    I agree with all the advice given. If you've said to them that they will be sacked if they don't start doing it, why are they still there???? Make sure all your policies and proceedures are written down and explained to them about exactly what is expected of them. If they fail to measure...
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    Make-up afternoon for young teenage girls

    Thanks for all the great advice. I'm looking foward to the afternoon. Just a note, I don't see the relevance between wearing make-up and teen pregnancy??? These are two very seperate issues and make-up isn't related to how girls behave, party, drink.... My daughter began wearing a little bit...
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    Make-up afternoon for young teenage girls

    Great advice thanks. Any more ideas PLEEZE!!!
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    What little extra's do you offer your clients?

    Oh yes, it goes without saying that we all go the extra mile for our clients. What I was after was information about what others do for some different ideas. AND, thanks to all so far who have replied. I'm sure myself and others have learnt a new trick or two to keep our clients thrilled and...
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    Avoiding A Global Recession In YOUR Business

    Fantastic and timely advice! Thank you :-) I'm in New Zealand, and since the start of the year I have noticed a decline in customer numbers and average spend. Over the last 3 weeks it is at the worst ever. AND, I'm so sick and tired of all the doom and gloom on TV and everyone's talking...
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    Make-up afternoon for young teenage girls

    I have been asked by a local church group to do a make-up and skin afternoon for young girls aged from about 12-16. Some of their Mum's are also coming along, but I'd like to focus mainly on the girls as it's their youth group function. I want to cover basic good skincare, and easy light...
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    when to invest in new things?

    It depends on how big your salon is. Obviously, big flashy salon's clients will expect that you did a good variety of treatments. But, if you're small, stick to the basics to begin with. Everybody will always get waxing, tinting, facials, mani's, pedi's etc etc done and these services will...
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    Working Mums with Pre-School Children

    Hang in there. It's a tough decision to start out on your own when you have little ones. I am a single Mum of an 8 year old and have set up my own at home salon 3 years ago. Sometimes, I think to myself that I might be better off working in a salon and having a steady income. BUT, in saying...
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    What do you need to promote?

    Yes, definately promote some of those treatments that you don't do many of. People are always keen to try something new. It's easy for clients to get bored and just to stick to the usual essentials. How about selling "packages" of treatments and incorporting some of the less popular treatments...
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    Body wraps

    I am thinking of introducing a body wrap in my little salon. I don't have shower facilities, but plan to remove the exfoliant and product with hot towels as I have a hot cabby. What do you offer your clients while the wrap is on? Head massage? Mini facial? Anything else? What is the easiest...
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    What and when do you offer food and drinks to your clients?

    What types of food, snacks and drinks do you offer to your clients? Do you offer them before, during or after a treatment? And for what services do you offer them?
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    Do you offer loyalty schemes?

    Do you offer your clients loyalty scheme or card? What do you offer and how do your clients like it?
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    What little extra's do you offer your clients?

    To those who offer snacks to their clients....what do you offer? I've thought about bringing out fresh fruit and juice perhaps after a facial or body wrap?
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    Client forgot Appointment - would you charge??

    Set down what your cancellation policy is. My policy is that if less than 24hrs notice is given to cancel, then the client will be charged 50% of the original treatment. I have this on my pricelists, and in my newsletters. I also tell new clients when they phone to make a booking. (However...