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    Taking 2 hrs and lack of confidence

    My confidence has taken a bashing of late due to a very soor client who complained the nails fell of after a few days, I took too long to do them, they were not like her previous tech etc etc. So after politly explaining to the customer I would rather take my time and they be of good quality...
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    Buying a repossesed salon would you?

    Hi geeks I would like all of your advice on buying a business that has recently closed due to being repossesed, There are many other salons near to the closed salon, some just nails and some beauty and holistic with nails attached. Is this a good idea? Should I bother to view it as it is at a...
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    Nail technician lecturer/teacher

    Hi to all you geeks I would love your advice on how to get into lecturing in fe as a nail tech. After working part time as a mobile nail technician for 5 years I am now interested in becoming a teacher for beginners courses. Research suggests that you need a Cert Ed, possibly assessor quals...
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    Lifting on nails

    Hi there geeks i need some help i have done several sets of nails including my own which i have no problems with lifting and they seem to stay on the required length of time, i have done several sets on a close friends daughter, who complains of lifting, and they just fell off when i was washing...
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    NSI or Creative

    which course is the bettter of the two? all help and advice appreciated