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  1. neko

    Saved a contaminated brush!

    I have two brushes that have had yellow discolouration for the past six months. From the geeks I found out how I managed to mess them up in the first place (leaving them soaked with monomer after use, instead of wiping them dry). So, yesterday I had left my "good" brushes at work, and I really...
  2. neko

    Q for Retention+ people

    Darlings, got a new job. I have never used CND before, so if you could give me a hand, I would appreciate it. Correct ratio? I know it's supposed to absorb all the powder by the time you count to three slowly. But approximate liquid to power "parts" would help if anyone knows. Scrubfresh? At...
  3. neko

    Got a new job! Help!

    Hi everyone! I know I'm not a big presence on the forums, but I'm the kind of gal who thinks, if you can't add anything to the discussion, don't bother to post :green: Anyway, the point of this post is: I have gotten a job at an up-market salon. And I'm really nervous. I was hired on the...
  4. neko

    L&P video

    I've watched half of these, as I don't have broadband and I need to go to bed shortly. Acrylic Nail Manicures From Start to Finish: Free video clips on I don't know quite what to say, I think I'm mildly shocked... Opinions?
  5. neko

    rep point ettiquette

    This is more of a personal opinion jobbie than a site assistance kind of question. I was just wondering about the accepted ettiquette for rep points. I understand the whys and hows of giving them, but receiving them!?!? What is the polite and proper thing to do! I'm terrible. I get so embarassed...
  6. neko

    PPS Haircare Acrylic System!?!?!

    Hey all, I just got a catalogue from the distro talking about PPS's new L&P system, which promises infills in 20 mins (ha ha ha :lol:). Has anyone heard of this? Am I just totally out of the loop? Am I the only person who thinks it's slightly bizairre that a haircare company is releasing an...
  7. neko

    nails and retail for fashion show

    I've just started renting space in a small hair-dressing salon. The owner has a friend who owns a botique clothing store, and they've cooked up a scheme to have a fashion show in a few weeks. We're still in the early phases of brainstorming ideas, but I'm pretty sure I'll be expected to do the...