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    i asked for a small "donation" to help cover the cost of product.
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    Basic set up

    choose the brand you'll use decide on your list of services think through every thing you will need to complete each service and buy those things appointment book, business cards, disinfecting supplies, cleaning supplies, retail items (like cuticle oil), any kind of linens or hand towels you...
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    Acrylic with gel chipping

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that gel polish is not compatible with dip systems, so perhaps it would depend on the type of gel. I.E. a soak off may not adhere well...
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    Acrylics falling off?

    I agree with blossom, I would not offer a refund, but would be more inclined to offer a re-do - she has had five sets from you and is a repeat client. I'd be trying to "keep her sweet" to a certain degree. If she keeps returning with complaints, that's a different matter, but if this is the...
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    oooh oooh! Is that Trent? I think you may be my new best friend ;)

    oooh oooh! Is that Trent? I think you may be my new best friend ;)
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    Reverse application. How many use this technique?

    I don't do reverse application at the moment, but I am going to find a guinea pig to give it a go, just for curiousity's sake. When I do a french rebalance I use an e-file, purely to cut out a new smile, it is the only thing I use the e-file for, it's just not necessary for anything else. I...
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    Warming towels

    This probably won't help for the large towels, but the little ones can be dampened and warmed in an electric rice cooker jobbie, rather than spending a lot of money on a towel cabinet. It is a bit of a cheat, but it is certainly an option when you don't have the $$$
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    How horrible is this !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This makes me want to start a CAUTIONARY TALES thread! Never had a toenail mishap, it hadn't crossed my mind. But now that I've heard this, I'm so going to be covering the nail with my hand while I cut. EUW! Feet are gross enough to start with!
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    why do clients not turn up

    On Saturday our salon had 6 (count 'em SIX!!) no shows. It really peeves you when you are on commission, let me tell you! We always call and ask if they want to rebook, but you still end up sitting on your ar*e for an hour, hoping that you get a walk-by in enough time to do before your next...
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    L+P Brush - stopping contamination

    Yup, it did come from you, nailzoo (and I should have credited :smack:, pardon my blonde moment). It worked, but the good shampoo would have obviously been better, what with the brushes themselves being hair. I will admit that I was in the middle of a space-cadet day when I tried it :green:
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    L+P Brush - stopping contamination

    I recently used liquid hand soap and water to rescue two brushes that had been contaminated for quite some time. It's probably not the best way to treat your brush, but when it's your only option, it's worth a try. After a very good rinse with water and then some rinsing with monomer they are...
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    Saved a contaminated brush!

    I have two brushes that have had yellow discolouration for the past six months. From the geeks I found out how I managed to mess them up in the first place (leaving them soaked with monomer after use, instead of wiping them dry). So, yesterday I had left my "good" brushes at work, and I really...
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    Help!!! - French Manicure

    A beauty girl gave me a great quick'n'easy tip. Push the tip of your thumbnail on your non-dominant hand under the client's free edge (gently of course) and then sweep the french on, in a smooth arc from left to right, then another smooth arc right to left. This prevents you from getting polish...
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    Jobs in Australia?

    I'm on the Gold Coast and there are a lot of openings in the industry right now. As anywhere in the world, a good nail tech is hard to find... so if you are decent you will get work. I've noticed from reading the boards that Australian standards seem somewhat lower than the UK and USA so I'm...
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    Using scrub fresh

    Silly question here, what are hands down pads? I've not seen them at distros over here.
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    Got a new job! Help!

    Thanks you for all the support guys! I worked yesterday and the big boss came in. The first thing she said was "Your makeup looks really good today". I felt like I had slathered it one with a spatula, but at least I know what she wants and how to get that look to happen now. *Sigh* I'm guessing...
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    Q for Retention+ people

    Darlings, got a new job. I have never used CND before, so if you could give me a hand, I would appreciate it. Correct ratio? I know it's supposed to absorb all the powder by the time you count to three slowly. But approximate liquid to power "parts" would help if anyone knows. Scrubfresh? At...
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    Got a new job! Help!

    The boss was really supportive about the horrible client, so it was fairly easy to let that one go ;) Unfortunately, my skintone isn't even enough to get away with light foundation. I got some advice from the Max Factor X-team and I've been packing the foundation on. ICK! But it looks...
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    Help with manicure, problem hands

    I get something similar on my hands when I am stressed and run down. Little tiny bubble blisters that pop and the skin gets really hard and thick, when it peels away it leaves the new skin underneath more tender than it has any right to be, often red. It's called pustular psoriasis, and since...
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    3D flowers-3 different ways

    excellent tutorial, very well explained. I'm a bit scared to try that last one, but you've given me a real handle on the first two. Much appreciated.