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  1. New Nailz

    Nail tip will not adhere

    This may be a stupid question, but did you buff the nail plate an cleanse?
  2. New Nailz

    Air bubbles in gel?

    Air bubbles under the tips? If so..... You need to apply them at an angle and use the rock on technique. Pushes air out as you glue down the tip. Problem solved!!!
  3. New Nailz

    Log cabin

    I would love to see piccys of your cabin hun. I have been saving to get mine, and would be in the exact same boat as you. As I have a back gate and won't have running water either. But I have to save up alot for the one I need for my garden, and it will take me 1 to 2 years to do it.
  4. New Nailz

    CND Brisa conversion

    curette and obviously the Model lol
  5. New Nailz

    Finally decided on which brand for gel

    I love Brisa. I did my conversion 1st August and haven't looked back. Great and easy to use, no lifting, and unbeatable shine. Definately the best choice I made!!
  6. New Nailz

    Capping the edge

    clear gel or Colour gel?
  7. New Nailz

    Easiest gel polish to remove?

    Shellac isn't gel. It is a power polish :)
  8. New Nailz

    Problem blending tips

    ahhh sorry hun. I was replying to the OP. I feel bad now lol x
  9. New Nailz

    The best gel out there?

    There are only two loves for me, and that is Gelish and CND Brisa Gel I use Shellac aswell. This s good, but I am still a Gelish girl. Gelish is just so much better in my opinion to apply, and the shine is gorgeous. Brisa is just by far, also my opinion.... the best gel to use. It...
  10. New Nailz

    Problem blending tips

    I used to have problem with tip blending. I think most things in the nail industry is just down to practice and time. It all slots into place once you have been doing it for longer and gain more experience!
  11. New Nailz

    Let's talk Brisa

    Yep, Brisa is really easy once you get to grips with it. Levels beautifully. I only need to go over it quickly with the Boomerang, as you do most of it by shaping with your brush. I found with some other gels, they didn't settle as nicely as Brisa. We sure have a nice gel to work with
  12. New Nailz

    Let's talk Brisa

    You will get it eventually. Like I said, took me a little while. But it makes it all the more satisfying when you do get it right. Bead/Log however each of us nail techs call it, you just need to place that nice amount of bulk gel in the middle and keep most of it there and work around it...
  13. New Nailz

    Gel nails help needed

    Do you buff the nail plate and cleanse before adding tips? Do you take the shine off the tips before adding primer? Are you capping the free edge after each gel application? Don't forget to build the apex, this gives the whole extensions strength!!!
  14. New Nailz

    Gel nails help needed

    Hi Can you talk us completely through your prep and application from start to finish. Then we can see what the problem could be. Every little detail :)
  15. New Nailz

    Nail art

    They look lovely hun. I love the 3rd from left :)
  16. New Nailz

    Let's talk Brisa

    Hi hun When I started, I had trouble with dips and such in the gel. And found I was not floating lightly enough over the gel. The key is to put your bead in the centre, and hover over it lightly pushing up towards the cuticle. Then lightly hover over the top of the bead and taking a very...
  17. New Nailz

    Male clients

    don't get me wrong. I know his money is as good as anyone else....and being a guy doesn't bother me. It is just the first time I have done something like this on a guy, and getting a call for a french gel overlay from a male, was something I wasn't expecting today!
  18. New Nailz

    Male clients

    Has anyone had any Male Clients? I have had two in for Manicures. But today, I have had a male phone for a French Gel overlay. I am not sure what to make of it, as I have never done this on a guy before, and not sure it was a legit call. But he sounded it!
  19. New Nailz

    Soaking nails in a manicure?

    I don't soak anymore, no need too really! My Reg manicure is... File/shape Cuticle remover/cuticle Tidy Hand and lower arm massage Cuticle Oil Regular Polish Or Shellac/ Gelish Manicure doing same as above
  20. New Nailz

    Shellac rockstar complaint - dubious

    When someone does this and then asks for something different. This to me is a sure sign of wanting a freebie, not to rectify what she had done in the first place. It is hard, as you don't want to lose that client. But at the end of the day, she could try this again and again. I would either redo...