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  1. elliebee

    Laser tattoo removal machines

    Looking for comments and recommendations for machines please. The company I was considering has gone into liquidation so starting research again.
  2. elliebee

    Eve Taylor trade account

    I used to have an eve taylor account but haven't used it for a while. I want to start using their candles in my salon again and they also retail well too. Can anyone who has an account with them advise me if they are still available with a trade discount? Although I can still access my...
  3. elliebee

    New FB wax chat group

    I am a member of a few great lash groups on FB but have been missing a UK based Wax group. Seems most of the good ones are in USA. I hope this post is allowed in here but I've started a Wax chat group if anyone would like to join. It will be dedicated to chat, support, and questions all wax...
  4. elliebee

    Best oil for dry skin on legs?

    Title says it all really. I have really dry, flaky skin on my shins. Am thinking an oil may be better than a lotion but there are so many to choose from. What would the skin geeks recommend? x
  5. elliebee

    What are "6D" lashes?

    I like to think I keep up with everything lash related and am pretty on the ball with new products/techniques etc. But can someone please explain to me what "6D" lashes are please? I am seeing these advertised all over the place. Now, I may be a bit slow, but I thought we were only up to...
  6. elliebee

    Best brush cleanser for Estee Lauder Doublewear

    Morning, I have recently invested in a MAC stippling brush to apply my favourite Doublewear foundation. I was using a sponge but found it soaked up too much product. However, I am finding it really difficult to get the product out of the brush (testament to the staying power of doublewear)...
  7. elliebee

    Sallys have just slated Shellac

    I am so annoyed. An occasional client of mine has just told me that she had gone in to Sally's and asked them what would remove Shellac. The assistant sold her a bottle of acetone and told her Shellac is cr4p and ruins your nails! I am beyond livid that A) they sold to her at all B) they are...
  8. elliebee

    Fancy Minx tips

    I'm trying to get a little bit more adventurous with nails and am looking for simple ways to jazz up plain nails. I've seen Minx foils used to create tips but I've tried this and it looks a bit naff when I cut it. Any tips please?
  9. elliebee

    Male waxing- advice using clippers?

    I have a very hairy male client booked in next week for a chest and back wax. I have waxed him before and, after lots of sweat and tears (mine and his) :eek:, I decided halfway through I should have used clippers first. We live and learn. So, I'm definitely going to clipper first this time...
  10. elliebee

    Misleading, mistake or downright duped?

    I was recently considering stocking a new retail product. When the company starting advertising, "Secure your exclusive 5 mile radius" I thought, "Yowzers, I better get in there before someone else!! I phoned the company concerned and can't tell you how impressed I was with the gentleman I...
  11. elliebee

    Favourite SP Lash Glue

    I did a poll a few years ago and Flirties came out on top. I've been asked a few times to do an up to date poll so here it is. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of "What's the best Lash Glue" threads that pop up daily :eek:
  12. elliebee

    Ideas to promote male waxing?

    How do I find men? No, not just men in general! Male waxing clients :lol: The gyms around our way are private and either have their own therapist or dont allow advertising. I'm on gumtree and have a website. I have a couple of loyal regulars but I find men aren't quite as willing to spread...
  13. elliebee

    Best routine for waxing a hairy male torso?

    Title says it all really, I have a male client who attends for an upper body wax. The problem is that his hair just doesn't stop. I really need to find an efficient routine to cut my time. I do the front (abs and chest) then turn him over and do as much of his back as possible. This is all...
  14. elliebee

    Why is wax applied in the direction of hair growth

    OK I admit. I am a little bit nerdy and like to know "Why?" I understand why we remove wax against the hair growth but what is the benefit of applying in the direction of hair growth? If hairs are left after I remove a strip, I re-apply (as taught) going against the growth to catch the shorter...
  15. elliebee

    Underarm waxing - how often?

    I'm trying to build up my waxing clientele but am having difficultly in convincing waxing virgins to give it a try. One of the most common comments is that they can't bear to let the hair grow under their arms. Providing the hair is long enough, is it OK to wax every 2-3 weeks or is there any...
  16. elliebee

    Lash Lift - New Tutorial

    There are lots of posts just now about lash lifting. I hate ignoring posts but I know we all get tired of answering the same questions. I have put on a new tutorial that I hope will be helpful. Lash Lifting - Salon Geek
  17. elliebee

    Lash lifting

    As there are so many posts about this great treatment, I thought it may be helpful to post a step by step guide. I'm sure everyone will have their own little ways but, through trial and error, this is what I have found works best for me I use Salon Systems products as they are the most cost...
  18. elliebee

    Waxers: What aftercare products retail best?

    As the title suggests, I want to retail aftercare products for my waxing clients. What do you suggest. Do you recommend different products for male & female clients? Thanks guys x
  19. elliebee

    Worrying. No win/no fee compensation against beauty salons

    I have noticed this sponsored google ad a few times now. This lawyer is specialising in no win/no fee compensation specifically against beauty salons. I would urge everyone to ensure they are adequately insured, and are patch testing and following all guidelines. I'm sure every one of...
  20. elliebee

    Detox diets. Anyone tried?

    Well, I am back from the most fantastic cruising holiday. However, after eating and drinking non stop for a full week I feel horrible and bloated and lacking in energy. Has anyone tried a serious detox? Any feedback or recommendations would be appreciated. x