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  1. Melissa82

    To invest in normal nail polish or not

    If you are going to invest in ‘normal’ nail polish, I suggest getting your hands on some Dazzle Dry if you are in the US. It applies and removes like polish but lasts for 7-14 days, usually more in my clients cases and dries in 5 minutes, no uv light needed. It doesn’t seem to dry out nails like...
  2. Melissa82

    Over curing IZ Gel?

    Ask a scientist
  3. Melissa82

    Best non soak gel varnish?

    If you are so confident, who really are you and what are your qualifications? What’s your public nail page, social media, etc?
  4. Melissa82

    Edge up by cuticle

    Yup :) Also make sure to angle the nail down when painting.
  5. Melissa82

    Gelish chipping

    Looks like you are doing everything correctly and it may just be the client.
  6. Melissa82

    Salon job

    I was lucky to land a gig at a spa that trained me before hand in their services. This is why many tech's are self employed from the get go but it is not easy. Depending on what your financial situation is, you may need to do nails part time from homw and work another job as well. Unless you are...
  7. Melissa82

    Edge up by cuticle

    Yes, your polish is pooling.
  8. Melissa82

    Best non soak gel varnish?

    Dr. Valenty is an amazing woman, chemist and inspiration. I've spoken with her a handful of times in person and she is full of SO much information that makes sense. She is also KIND about it and doesn't attack peoples opinions in a demeaning manor. I always show up unannounced and she always...
  9. Melissa82

    Best non soak gel varnish?

    Dazzle Dry. It dries in 5 mins and can last 7-14 days but clients can get close to 3 weeks or more. It does not dry out the nails at all and removes liek polish with acetone or polish remover. It's absolutely amazing. I've been using it for 5 years. It is not available in the UK yet but they are...
  10. Melissa82

    Dip nails

    I just bought an Artistic Dip kit that will be here Monday, so I will experiment. If you aren't allergic to EMA, you could possilby use acryl-gel. I tried some IBD Control gel today and it didn't bother me.
  11. Melissa82

    Acrylic or gel for thin nails

    Ok, my brain is fizzing out. I know somewhere in my training I was taught gel is good for some nail types and acrylic for others. I just can't remember if it was acrylic for thin, bendy nails or hard gel for thin bendy nails. And then gel for hard nails... I feel like the answer was acrylic for...
  12. Melissa82

    Dip nails

    Can you tell me more about this? I really want to do acrylic and gel but I have allergies and have personal thoughts about UV lamps... anyhoo, I want a service to do extensions but I'm at a loss. How well do they hold up? How long of a nail can you get away with a tip? Is it possible to build...
  13. Melissa82

    Best clear nail forms to use with Polygel

    IBD has clear forms. If you are in the US, there is a huge deal on a starter pack on marlobeauty for only $110. You have to buy the forms separately. I'm about to try it out as it doesn't have HEMA or HPMA in it.
  14. Melissa82

    Hypoallergenic/HEMA/HPMA free AcryGel

    I have. It is too expensive to import.
  15. Melissa82

    Vinylux making nails peel?

    Unfortunately, this is a common problem with hybrid polishes. I used to work with this brand in a spa and it was really hard to work with and destroyed clients nails unless they used nail oil religiously. This is why I use Dazzle Dry for my clients. This product does not cause this issue...
  16. Melissa82

    Hypoallergenic/HEMA/HPMA free AcryGel

    I'm in the US and I'm wanting to learn acrygel's but really would like a brand that is as hypoallergenic as possible, not containing HEMA or HPMA as I have some allergies. I really pride myself on using products developed by chemists that are the forefront of their company but because this type...
  17. Melissa82

    Confusion with cuticle remover before applying enhancements?

    I am really impressed with Nail Hub. I was hesistant at first thinking all these new big YT'ers are all about the moneyz but she really has some awesome and informative videos. I wish her videos were around when I was in school.
  18. Melissa82

    Bio Sculpture gel nails

    Just a note, Gel bottle has a total of about 55% HPMA and HEMA, so not considered allergy friendly.
  19. Melissa82

    Vegan/cruelty free nail gel UK?

    Exactly. We seem to confuse the two terms. I know I did!
  20. Melissa82

    Vegan/cruelty free nail gel UK?

    Many nail products are 'vegan' like stated above. It's the chemicals in the nail products that have been tested on animals, before being manufactured in to the nail product. If you look up the ingredients online, you can find articles on tests they've done on animals with the chemical. So, a...