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  1. supermummy

    Minx - faulty batch???

    I have emailed S2 today and will take it up directly with them. I just posted on here in case anyone could advise me if they had the same. I have compared it with old stock and it is definitely different material.
  2. supermummy

    Minx - faulty batch???

    I just realised that sounded stroppy - I didn't mean it too. I just meant that people can get defensive if they feel that something they love is being criticized and I'm not!
  3. supermummy

    Minx - faulty batch???

    I've arranged to see them both in the morning (they are friends) and I am sure they haven't damaged them themselves. For it to happen on multiple nails within an hour then there's some other factor involved. Everything I have done is the same so that is why I am suggesting I might have a...
  4. supermummy

    Minx - faulty batch???

    I have done silver lightning on two ladies this morning. Same nail prep and application method that I have used on over 30 clients so far with no complaints at all. I have had a phone message this evening that within an hour of me doing them, both sets had started lifting and the big toes...
  5. supermummy

    Selling MINX on ebay!

    It's brilliant that GMG succeeded in this and hopefully it will put people off even considering it because it's not worth getting banned from S2!!! Thanks a million - it has restored my faith in the longevity of this product.
  6. supermummy

    Thanks re my website tiptop! My sister is a web designer so I kinda had some help in that...

    Thanks re my website tiptop! My sister is a web designer so I kinda had some help in that department!!!
  7. supermummy

    MINX - gallery of real images!

    Maybe thats the key! We should all wear different Minx designs on each finger and toe - that way we can showcase 20 designs a go! It would certainly get people talking!!!
  8. supermummy

    Some MINX out of stock

    Only if they're in stock!!!
  9. supermummy

    Some MINX out of stock

    It's so frustrating and I seem to be letting my clients down but there never seems to be the right Minx in stock at either S2 or Ellisons :mad: I need:- Pink Cheetah Gold/Silver Cheetah Pink Swirls Hearts on vines Dee's Skulls Pink Paisley For Tuesday but all out of stock. S2 are...
  10. supermummy

    Sorry another minx thread!

    I was going to charge £25 for Minx but when I researched my area I found a nail salon locally doing it for £15!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I price Minx at £20 with discounts for parties. I didn't really feel I could price at £10 more than the competition.
  11. supermummy

    MINX - gallery of real images!

    I doubt that this would be the case and I don't think it is breaching any intellectual property rights. Remember that all this is doing is only showcasing the product we are permitted to use and its purpose is to enhance sales of the product. No-one has said they have any issues with...
  12. supermummy

    Minx layers seperating??

    Whilst I was experiementing at first I put a clear topcoat on and this caused the separation.
  13. supermummy

    MINX - gallery of real images!

    Brilliant - thanks everyone. So far we have 9 people sign-up to the idea and I have already received images from one person (you know who you are - thanks!). If you want to sign-up just PM me and I will get back to you will my email address for you to send images to. When we have enough I...
  14. supermummy

    MINX - gallery of real images!

    I thought about that but if you upload an image to the forum I think it automatically downsizes the quality. If people just want to use the images on a computer thats fine but I think a lot of people will want to print off images for clients to look at. Also not everyone who adds to the Minx...
  15. supermummy

    MINX - gallery of real images!

    Lovely, sounds like it wasn't a crazy idea after all! Anyone who wants to participate and receive the gallery, send me a PM and I will send you my email address for you to send images to. Then I will collate and send the images of all those who want to participate. I will send the first...
  16. supermummy

    MINX - gallery of real images!

    It's been mentioned on here and I totally agree that the images of minx designs are really poor quality and are hard for the clients to choose from. I have been collating a photo gallery of "real" images whenever I do a new design but with the huge amount of minx designs it will take...
  17. supermummy

    Minx Vs Nail Art Vs Digital Printers

    I'd never heard of nail printers too and having looked at them now I can't see why???? Firstly I know I'd rather less than £150 start-up for Minx against nearly £1000! Secondly, I can't image they could do anything as dramatic as silver/gold lightning! and thirdly - my home printer is always...
  18. supermummy

    Problems with Minx?

    Hi, I say to my ladies that they are fine to have baths, go, swimming, go in the hot tub and do everything else they would normally do with water/heat. The only problem they would have is if they started pulling or picking the edges whilst in heat/water (or any other time), as this would make...
  19. supermummy

    MINX - Is there a difference in the sizes?

    I seem to think I read somewhere on here that Minx are changing the range of sizes. But I might of dreamt it! Just occassionally I have a client who's big toe is too big for the largest Minx and I have to "add" a slither from another one. Very fiddly and makes for much longer Minxing! I...
  20. supermummy

    MINX - Advice on training!!

    I said just this on a previous thread! People don't seem too bothered by the "rogue" ebayers but I am really cross! I would say that Minxing makes up about 25% of my income currently as I have given it a huge push and am doing lots of Minx Parties. If people realise they can get it off ebay...