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    Aztec nails-need help please

    I've been asked by a client to do Aztec nails. She's due for an infil Saturday and has requested bright colours under her design. She wants about 4 colours then the pattern and a different one on each finger. I told her this will take me about 2hrs to do and yes I am charging her more but can...

    Pedicure with Shellac

    I'm going to sign up for a new course. I wanted to do a pedicure course and when I contacted a new trainer she said she teaches shellac application as well in with the course. So when I'm trained can I purchase the shellac off the CND site.

    White tips

    Hi I dont usually do pre designed white tips but this new client really wants them. She also wants a silver glitter smile line on them as well. Can I put the silver line on the actual tip before putting the acrylic on them so I looks more natural looking than tip, acrylic then silver line cause...

    Need help from an educator please

    I really don't want to put why on here but I need some advice about a course I did in June. So can someone inbox me please. Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek mobile app

    Got to close my salon down

    Hi everyone I need some tips and advice please. Im due for an operation late January and I have to take between 5/7 weeks off work. I work from home but have a lodge cabin in my garden. I have been full time for 18 months now and have a steady clientele but im worried about not working. Some of...

    Teeth whitening

    A few salons do this by me and ive noticed its not that expensive to have done so I was wondering if the course is expensive to do and how much would the equipment cost. Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek mobile app

    Wet or dry manicures?

    When I was trained 10years ago in nail enhancements we were touch to do a dry manicure before applying the tip or sculpture but a few of my new nail colleagues do a wet manicure before nail treatments so what do you do wet or dry before applying the tip. Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek...

    Mosaic nail art paints

    I was thinking of buying some of these paints because the colours look great and very vibrant. Has anyone heard or used these please and can anyone give me some feed back on there nail art DVDs. Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek mobile app

    Not having all the treatments

    Can you tell me if you charge a percentage for clients who book treatments with you then they decide when they come they only want one treatment. For example I work from home and byappointments only so If a client books in for nails and toes then decides just to have nails when they come do you...
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    Thick cluster lashes

    I am getting a few requests for thick cluster lashes. I am using the extra thick knot free at the moment but a client wants them thicker and shes due in tonight. How would I make them thicker do I layer on top. What do you do. Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    I have a client who has psoriasis under her nails. The only way I can describe her nails is that they all look like a free edge because only to the luna of her nail is connected to her nail bed. She has suffered for years but she wants to know is there anything in the beauty industry that will...
  12. TMOUSE

    The right approach

    Hi I done a young ladies nails 6 days before her hols abroad and they were fine but mom has just contacted me saying all her nails came off in one day on the first day of her holidays. I said I can understand one coming off but all of them in one day. How do I approach this situation they are...
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    Client's daughter sent me a message

    I do ibd just gel on this client and enhancements on her daughter. The clients are always happy with my service and they book every 2 weeks for infils and ibd gel polish. Just had a text off her daughter who is 14 years okd saying her moms not happy because 2 have chipped so her mom has took the...
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    Lashes stuck together

    Ive being doing lashes for over a year now and I had a lady in 2 weeks ago for lashes and nails. She has had lashes 3 times before with me abd had no problems. When I done her lashes there were no problems what so ever no lashes stuck together no eyes watering so everything was ok. When she...
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    Hollywood lashes

    Are these clusters or strip ones. I was looking for clusters that give a fuller look and one of my clients had Hollywood clusters on but all I can find is strip lashes Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Cream/ivory gel or polish

    I seem to be getting alot of requests for cream/ivory nails. I use shellac and vinylux and IBD Can anyone tell me what the neatest colour to cream/ivory is to this brand please or can anyone recommend one thanks Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    Leg wax

    Hi I am trained in waxing but that was 10 years ago. I do alot of facial wax and underarm but recently ive been asked to do leg wax which I haven't done in years. I use hot wax but I am looking for some good wax for the legs can anyone recommend any good brands which are good please. Sent from...
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    Cluster lashes

    Whats the best type of cluster to buy and where to buy them. Im looking for 10mm in length. Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek mobile app
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    The same nail keeps lifting

    This client has been coming to me for about 6 weeks. Previous she had gone to NSS. I put a new set on her but im having problems with one nail it keeps lifting to the stage where its nearly off. I have tip and done sculpture on this nail but I always get the same problem. The nail only lasts...
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    Client bringing her own gels

    A client has brought her own gel colour in today for me to apply to her nails then asked how much would her nails cost now because she has supplied her gel colour. I replied I will take £1 off the service. She ummed and rrd and said is that all I said yes because you haven't brought the base or...