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  1. jenna00

    Show us your Christmas salon

    Hi, I need some ideas of how to decorate the salon. I am a nail tek within a hairdressers and ive been given the task to decorate it for Christmas. Would love some inspiration. And be really nice to see your salons looking all festive. :) Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  2. jenna00

    Vinylux mixed colours

    So, who has tried it? It was the first thing I tried today. I chose Locket Love and Blue Rapture. With 1 part Locket love and 2 parts Blue Rapture. I created the most gorgeous gold shimmery teal blue. What is your creation?
  3. jenna00

    Not offering full pedicures?

    Do you think I'm mad not offering this? I have rented a very small space within a hair salon. There is literally room to fit my very small nail desk. I'm not sure it's good enough me crouching under a table to give what should be a relaxing experience in such a tight space. I will be offering...
  4. jenna00

    Rebecca Adlington's nails

    Are they Minx? The Daily Mail has apparently reported that they were hand painted by Sophy Robson's Nail Porn team. They look like nail wraps to me but just wondered if anyone could clarify, before I start plastering them over Facebook as Minx. :)
  5. jenna00

    Looking for mobile hairdresser in Preston

    Hi, I am looking for a mobile hairdresser that would come to the Fulwood area to cut mine and my daughters hair. It would just be more convenient at the moment than treking into town. If you have a website or facebook page that I could look at that would be great. I have quite thick, wavy unruly...
  6. jenna00

    Problem with clients L&P chipping at free edge

    Hi, I have recently taken on a client from my boss and seem to be having a few problems. I only ever have her for infills as she always wears red polish on top so I just use a sheer pink. There is very minimal lifting around the cuticle area but the problem seems to be at the corners. From...