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  1. lizzy13

    Best fibreglass products

    Hi there, could anyone recommend a good fibreglass /silk product. I have always used Creative products for l&p but have no clue on fibreglass. Thank you xx
  2. lizzy13

    Tips not sticking

    H there, i have always used cnd velocity french tips and they stick onto the nail bed within secs but i recently bought some millenium french tips and they are a nightmare to stick on and its the same glue i always use. Has anyone else had this problem?
  3. lizzy13

    Cristal ocean wax

    Hi geeks i hope someone can help advise me, i have been waxing for years and have always used a creme strip wax for facial waxing but after reading great reviews about PR cristal ocean i thought i would give it a try. I love how it goes on and does not get too hot but after waxing my own...
  4. lizzy13

    How to apply jasmine oil when waxing?

    Hiya Geeks, i have started to use PR wax and wondered which is the best way to apply the jasmine oil before i start to wax. i know this sounds like a daft question but i dont want to apply too much that the wax does not stick . hope someone can help xx
  5. lizzy13

    Surgical spirit before waxing

    Hi when i learnt to wax at collage 15 years ago we got told to wipe the area to be waxed with surgical spirit, do most people still do this or do you use something else ? After having a child and not working for a while i feel a bit out of touch with whats going on in the industry.
  6. lizzy13

    Anyone had this happen? Wax question

    Hi there, when i take the inner pot out of my wax heater i have wax all in the bottom of the actual heater , i have not got a clue how i manage to get in there as i have a collar on my heater. Does anyone else have this happen
  7. lizzy13

    Bush Balm?

    Hi guys, i have been researching post waxing products on the web and i came across one for applying to the bikini area called Bush Balm. Its had fab reviews, has anyone tried it and if so what did you think ! ta:D
  8. lizzy13

    Powder or oil pre wax

    Hiya everyone, i have been doing waxing on and off for over 15 years and have always used powder before applying the wax but i have been reading on here that you can you an oil pre wax. can anyone tell me the pro's of using the oil. i am ordering the PR warm wax soon and wondered is it ok to...
  9. lizzy13

    Perron Rigot wax

    Hi there, after reading threads on Perron Rigot warm wax i am going to buy some asap, i know this will sound silly but do i put the wax in a new wax insert or do i put the tin it comes in straight into my hive wax heater, thanks
  10. lizzy13

    Best after wax lotion

    Hi there, can anyone recommend a good after wax lotion, one that can be used on the face and body. thank you xx
  11. lizzy13

    Young Nails reverse application

    Hi again, do you have to do the reverse application when using Young nails products or can you apply as you would normally,
  12. lizzy13

    Young Nails lifting

    Hi there, i have been doing nails for years but a friend gave me some samples of Young Nails products (acrylic) to try. I loved the brightness of the powders but found i got alot of lifting, i have never had this problem with my current product. Is a primer meant to be used with Young Nails acrylic?
  13. lizzy13

    Advanced epilation in Bromsgrove

    Hi i was wondering if anyone knows of a salon in Bromsgrove Worcestershire that does advanced epilation, i have been looking around but cant seem to find one that does it. Hope someone can help . thanks
  14. lizzy13

    Eyelash tint

    Hi there everyone, i have just got back into doing beauty after having a baby and i noticed that my eyelash tint does not seem to going very dark, does anyone know if tint and peroxide have a shelf life. Also can anyone please recommend :?: a good brand of tint that the brown goes nice and...
  15. lizzy13

    Keeping brush clean

    Hi everyone, i have always worked full time doing cnd l&p so never had to worry about my brush not being clean, but i have had a couple years off work due to having a baby and have started doing the odd set of nails mobile. Now i am wondering how to keep my brush clean and not getting...
  16. lizzy13

    Air bubbles driving me mad

    Hiya i hope someone can help me out with these issues i am having. i have used cnd retention liquid and perfect pink powder for a few years and have always had issues with air bubbles, so today i received a sample of young nails pink powder and out of curiosity i thought i would try it with my...
  17. lizzy13

    Fast setting liquid or fast setting powder?

    Hiya, just wondering if anyone knows which is best a fast setting mononer or a fast setting acrylic powder, do they both work in the same way.
  18. lizzy13

    cnd liquids

    Hi there, i hope someone can advise me on what cnd liquid and powder is good for preventing lifting and not getting air bubbles. i have used perfect powders and retention liquid for a few years but have always had the the problem of air bubbles, i have tried EVERYTHING but still get them, i...
  19. lizzy13


    oh no, i see geekbay has been closed again, i have something to sell can anyone suggest where might be the next best place to advertise ?
  20. lizzy13

    HELP CND or young nails

    Hi everyone, well i am in a dilema, i have used cnd products for years and have been happy but no matter what i always had air bubbles in my acrylic, so last week i tried a trial pack of young nails and bingo no air bubbles at all. So here is my dilema, i have lots of retention liquid and i have...