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  1. notsonewgeek

    Party lashes - removal

    Is the salon system glue more for semi lashes rather than weekend then? Have a client on weds and it's been a while since I did weekend lashes so want to be sure xx
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    LVL training?

    That's my gut feeling too. Thanks for your feedback xx
  3. notsonewgeek

    LVL training?

    I know there's an offer on at the mo but is Lvl worth £500 + vat? I have all my tint gear already so don't need any more and have seen training for £125 for lash lift using shields. If there's a major bonus going with LVL do you guys know what it is? Thx x
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    I agree. I moisturise intensively overnight (serum and oil) and skip moisturiser in the day. If you are oily, have you tried the powder under your foundation trick? Lookup waynegoss on YouTube for info xx
  5. notsonewgeek

    Make-up artists: let's share tips!

    I struggle too. I use bobbie brown brightener and MAC prolong wear too. I then use a a HD powder (Nars or elf) to set it. xx Sent from my iPad using SalonGeek app
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    Waxing help

    Lookup Lori Nestori on YouTube. She is amazing and great at showing efficient techniques x
  7. notsonewgeek

    What does everyone think of Celebrity range tanning?

    Is it Celebrity Secrets? If so its lovely. Had clients coming back to me for years. x
  8. notsonewgeek

    Foundation help

    I think Revlon is great especially Colourstay x Sent from my iPad using SalonGeek app
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    Skin care range

    Can I just check - you mentioned £500 opening order. I thought it was much more now?? Hopefully not ;-) Sent from my iPad using SalonGeek app
  10. notsonewgeek

    Gelish coral colour?

    I've got A Petal for your thoughts on and that's coral to me Passion looks a bit pinker than this
  11. notsonewgeek

    Client had reaction to tint

    If you don't mind me asking, which products do you use for tinting? If they've changed the formulation I might retest all mine :-/
  12. notsonewgeek

    For those making their own nail domes

    Not really sure what a nail dome is???
  13. notsonewgeek

    Airbase or Dinair for airbrush makeup?

    I'm trained in airbase too but not practiced much really. I'd be interested in this too plus any comparisons with Temptu x
  14. notsonewgeek

    Make up courses and wedding packages

    The MAC shop in Liverpool do masterclasses. It's either £50 or £75 (redeemable) and has different themes each month. It's worth calling to see if a bridal one is on soon xx
  15. notsonewgeek

    Fake Shellac in college?

    Ridiculous! That's bad!!
  16. notsonewgeek

    Waxing rules

    I'd love to hear too and will be checking with mine. BABTAC are great but surely this should be legislative not insurance company led.
  17. notsonewgeek

    Waxing rules

    Can anyone clarify is this is only according to BABTAC or all insurance companies? Thx
  18. notsonewgeek

    Perron Rigot vs Berodin?

    I use berodin and used to use PR. I find the blue hot wax by berodin much more flexible once set. They're new aquamarine warm wax is great and I had less redness after use. Hth x
  19. notsonewgeek

    Excited to learn this, Aquamarine Wax by Berodin

    Back to the wax... I used to be a PR girl but I now know Berodin sooo much better. The hot blue is amazing and I've had my legs waxed with the new Aquamarine and it was fab too. My skin is quite sensitive but I had no red spots after this. Love it!!! (and you too Lori :-))
  20. notsonewgeek

    Mac make up courses

    Andrea85 is right. You can do the sessions in store but no official training for non employees x