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  1. notsonewgeek

    LVL training?

    I know there's an offer on at the mo but is Lvl worth £500 + vat? I have all my tint gear already so don't need any more and have seen training for £125 for lash lift using shields. If there's a major bonus going with LVL do you guys know what it is? Thx x
  2. notsonewgeek

    Nail tip display ring

    Having real trouble finding these in the UK. Anyone know where I could get one? I've tried all the other types and these are my fave. Thx Sent from my iPad using SalonGeek app
  3. notsonewgeek

    Fluorescent Gelish

    Hi Is there a known issue with these fading? I've only bought them this year and on both mine (orange) and a clients (pink) they have faded. Thanks
  4. notsonewgeek

    Lori waxing training

    Hi girls. Did I dream it or was there a whisper that Lori was coming to the UK to do training? Thought I'd seen it on here??
  5. notsonewgeek

    Gelish and perming

    Hi y'all Have a client who's a hairdresser. Is perming and neutralising ok with Gelish? Ta x
  6. notsonewgeek

    CND new Super Shiny going cloudy

    Has anyone else experienced this? I have been using the new SS as a top coat but with other makes of enamel ie. Essie and OPI clients have been getting 'cloudy' white areas. I do realise that the recommendation is to use the same make throughout but used to use the old formula SS with no...
  7. notsonewgeek

    Celebrity Secrets or React

    Hi I'm confused - easily done! I usually use CS React (coconut smell) but have just ordered the wrong one (Original - fruity smell). I can tell the diffence with bottles and scent but does anyone know the difference between the tans? Ta x
  8. notsonewgeek

    Lycon vs Perron Rigot

    Has anyone used both and what do you think the differences are? Which is best? Ta x
  9. notsonewgeek

    What's cool for New York?

    I'm going on a trip on Weds to the Big Apple. What do you think the nails should be? I'm gonna look out of place probably as it is but want me nails to look spot on. Black , white, french ??????? Ta in advance....:hug:
  10. notsonewgeek

    Twisted tan tent

    Ladies I seem to have a tent problem :irked:. Its been fine for ages but now seems to have some kind of twist in one of the side edges and won't go down properly. I can get it in its bag but doesn't look as professional as before. Any help appreciated :hug:.
  11. notsonewgeek

    Black acrylic

    hi I already have some black but its glittery. Can anyone confirm if either Mosaic Black or Sin City are non glitter ie. buff up like Chanel black. Ta x
  12. notsonewgeek

    Black or white?

    Well guys - I'm torn!! Which do you think for the summer? I'm gonna do either in acrylic but can't decide. Or should it be black beds with white tips??? :eek: Short of course!:rolleyes:
  13. notsonewgeek

    Tan on carpet

    hi guys I had a slights spillage on a clients carpet the other night :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:. I feel awful and most seem to come out on the night but it obviously developed overnight. Any ideas or is it just an insurance job?
  14. notsonewgeek

    Gloss over L&P

    I know someone's gonna tell me something really obvious which will blow this out of the water however..... Does adding a 'glaze' over fresh L&P affect its curing? Regardless of whether its gel finishing gloss or some kind of 'glaze and go'. Ta xx
  15. notsonewgeek

    Client wants my job!

    Hiya guys I did a spray tan for my friends aunt on thursday eve and I've had a call today saying she wants to do tanning herself!:eek: On one hand I feel flattered she's so happy with her tan and that I made it look easy, but on the other I don't want her encroaching on my business. I...
  16. notsonewgeek

    One to Ones in NW area

    Hi I've got some training arranged over the next couple of months at CND (L&P Troubleshooting and Skill Building) but would also like to arrange a one to one with a fab tech. Do you have any suggestions on how to go about finding the best person or are there any will volunteers? :) What is...
  17. notsonewgeek

    Excel or Olympia

    If you could only go to one of these which one would it be? I'm from Manchester and will go to 'our' show, but are the London show's any different. I'm kinda assuming that because its in the capital that they'll be more launches and bigger names possibly. :eek: Any other benefits to them?
  18. notsonewgeek

    Soaking off

    Hi I don't do this very often but could you guys give me some tips on how you soak of both individual nails and full sets. Ta x
  19. notsonewgeek

    Colour of glitter changed

    Hi Just sculpted my first glitter tip - yay!! Looks good - I've used red glitter and mixed as per instructions. My prob is that when I've filed over to smooth and buff etc, some of the colour from the glitter has come off and appears silver instead. Any help?
  20. notsonewgeek

    Enamel Allergy

    Hi A new client called me today asking for NNO as she's allergic to enamel. Just wondering if any of you guys know of any non-allergenic enamels (if that's pos!). I realise formaldahyde(?) is a frequent culprit. I don't want to 'not' research this before overlaying. Does anyone know also...