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    IHM vs seated massage course: advice needed

    Hi all I'm trained in just about all areas except massage but would like to add seated/chair massage to my service menu (my business is mobile). I've been making enquiries about courses and have had some mixed messages. If I want to learn back, neck and shoulder massage (and maybe scalp), to...
  2. M00min

    Let's Go lash kit anyone?

    Hi I've booked onto Let's Go lash training with Nouveau Beauty Group and was wondering if any geeks out there have a kit, or surplus kit they would be interested in selling? Official Let's Go products only please - I can provide confirmation of my training place if necessary. (Mods please move...
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    Question for bridal MUAs

    Hi guys Well the bridal make-up bookings for 2011 are coming in thick and fast :) BUT I have a dilemma and was wondering what you all did in this situation! I have had enquiries from two brides getting married on the same day in July. The first contacted me in January and booked a trial for...
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    Bridal/prom hair trends

    Hi Hair Geeks! I'm an MUA and beauty therapist and do quite a lot of weddings/proms (mainly make-up). I'm not trained in hairdressing but would like to add bridal/prom hairstyling to my business, so over the past year have been doing some styling/hair up courses and learning from hairdresser...
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    Waxing pregnant clients?

    Hi all I had a voicemail yesterday from a lady (not an existing client) who is 35 weeks pregnant and wanted waxing (I don't know WHAT lol). When I called back I left a message saying I would call her today and in the meantime would check with my insurance company. I'm insured with the Guild...
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    Market for eyelash extensions

    Hi all I'm one of those people that's never satisfied lol - always wanting to learn more - and I know I'm not alone on this site! I've been intrigued about eyelash extension for some time and plan to have a set done on myself before xmas to see what all the fuss is about! I'm trying to make a...
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    St Tropez - no samples so try the Boots version in your machine??!!

    Before I trained in spray tanning I started contacting all the different suppliers for samples/price info etc and can happily say that most were a joy to deal with. I waited MONTHS to get any info from St Tropez, and now I've been trained and have my kit, am keen to try a sample. I've had a St...
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    Any Kim Lawless waxers in the Southampton or Bournemouth areas?

    Hi all I did my Kim Lawless female intimate waxing training in October and have now become a bit of a waxing snob lol. I'd like to get waxed by someone who has done Kim's training, so if there's anyone in the Southampton / Hampshire or Bournemouth areas please get in touch! Thanks x
  9. M00min

    Removing another salon's Shellac/Gellish

    Hi I'm mobile and don't charge for removing Shellac/Gellish that I did when I'm re-Shellac/Gellishing. However I've got a client booked that says she has Gellish on her nails from somewhere else. Now I don't mind removing it (obviously!) but really I should charge extra for this, shouldn't I...
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    Eyelash extensions and mascara

    Hi I haven't come across this yet, but want to be prepared! If I get a make up client that has eyelash extensions, would I need to use a special mascara on them? If yes, are such clients likely to have their own? Thanks x
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    Make up lessons for men - advice please

    Hi Geeks I'm an MUA and have been approached by a guy through my website asking if I do make-up lessons for men who cross dress. Now I'm up for it in theory and happy to help this man, but have never actually applied make-up to a man before so was wondering if any of you had any tips, both for...
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    Mobile spray tanning: retail products

    Hi I'm a mobile therapist soon to be offering spray tanning. I haven't decided which brand to use yet but I was interested to know if the brand you use has a retail line? If yes: what are your most popular products and, being mobile, how much retail do you have in stock to sell at any one...
  13. M00min

    "Rapid" tans

    Hi During my research to decide which tanning solution to use I've come across "rapid" tans like Vani-T Velocity and Organics Illusion. Do you use these and if so is it as an option alongside traditional eight-hour tans or on their own? Thanks x
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    Spray tanning: what's in a name?

    Hi all I'm training with Sienna X in Nov and in the meantime trying to work out who go with! I don't have anything against Sienna X - and haven't ruled them out - it's just that I booked my training with them aaages ago because of the name/reputation and since then have found out that there...
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    Hi If any of you have seen The Only Way Is Essex on ITV 2 (go on - there must be some of you who'll admit it ;) ) you'll be familiar with the term Vajazzle - eg using bikini gems. I realise this is not a new treatment, and probably has other names, but has anyone seen a rise in people asking...
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    Indian head massage

    Hi geeks I am not trained in massage but may decide to in the future. There's a training provider near me that offers VTCT Indian head massage training (which would count towards my Level 3 should I decide to do it). It's a service I've always wanted to be able to do, but now I'm in business...
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    Pricing for photographic make-up

    Hi all I mainly do bridal and special occasion make-up but I've been approached by a photographer to make-up for a studio they're setting up. I'm doing a course next month in this, otherwise I'd have probably declined, but they've asked how much I'd charge per hour and I was wondering what the...
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    Shellac / Gelish colour wheels

    Hi all I've finally got round to doing a colour wheel for my Shellac and Gelish colours. I've only ever done them with normal nail enamel before. Do I have to do the whole basecoat-cure-colour-cure-colour-cure-topcoat-cure or is there an easier way? I've found that Gelish doesn't "dry" in...
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    Facials and waxing

    Hi guys I've just been contacted by a lady wanting a brow and lip wax and a facial in the same appointment. Now, I wouldn't want to do the facial after the wax for obvious reasons - and the last thing I would want after a relaxing facial is a wax and I'm worried that the lotions and potions of...
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    Help pls: Shellac mani & pedi

    Hi geeks! I've got a client booked tonight (Fri 1 Oct) for a Shellac mani (just basic pep and application) and a CND SpaPedicure with Shellac. All good! But I was just wondering what your advice would be for the best way round to do things. I was thinking the mani first, then Shellac the...