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  1. melissab

    Shellac kit

    I just ordered my Shellac kit yesterday and I am so excited!!!!!!!! I can't wait for it to arrive. I have been waiting months to get the money together to buy it. I'm going to call S2 today to book my Shellac brings them back course. Just had to share my excitement with you lovely geeks...
  2. melissab

    Shellac Kit

  3. melissab

    LDN Skins training

    I just booked myself onto the LDN Skins training. So excited. :) :) :) They have a great offer going right now that I had to take advantage of. My training date is next Tuesday at the head office. Just wondering if anyone else on here is going and what people think of the solution? I did do a...
  4. melissab

    Fresh Indulgence training

    After doing a lot of research on here and google I have decided I would like to train with Fresh Indulgence. I phoned them today and the customer service was excellent. Before I book a training date I just wanted to know what other people thought of the training? I have tried the search...
  5. melissab

    Bulb lashes?

    Hello. I'm coming over from the nail side with a question for you skin geeks. I saw an advert for bulb lashes at my local salon and I was just wondering, what are they? I have never heard of them before and I tried doing a search but couldn't find anything on them. Am I right in thinking they...
  6. melissab

    Makeup course - London

    Hello. I was wondering if I could get some advise. I'm looking into doing a makeup course in London and was wondering if anyone could tell me of a good place to train? I just recently qualified in nails so that will be my main focus right now. I'm looking to do makeup for myself, friends and...
  7. melissab

    Makeup Course - London

  8. melissab

    Sylvia Day, Reflected in You

    Hello. I'm just wondering if anyone has read the Crossfire novels? What did you think of them? How do you think they compared to 50 Shades Of Grey?
  9. melissab

    EE training

    Hello. :) I know there are numerous threads on here about EE training and I have looked at them all, but I still have a few questions. I live in London and I am looking to train in EE. I have contacted Noveau and Lash Perfect. I cannot find any contact information for Flirties. My questions...
  10. melissab

    London CND Course

    Hi everyone. After alot of research and going back and forth I have finally decided to do the CND course in London.:lol: I hope I will be able to do the course in March but may have to wait for the next one.:cry: I just wanted to know if anyone has done the course in London and what did they...
  11. melissab

    Training Question

    Hi EV1. :) I am new and had a question about training. I live in the Mottingham area and wanted to train to become a nail technician with either CND or NSI. They do not offer training near where I live, I have no car so have to use public transport. Does anyone know of any reputable...