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  1. melissab

    INK London Nails?

    I love Ink and iLac. I currently use my CND lamp to cure it. The colours are gorgeous, 2 coats on most for full coverage, the removal is a dream and the customer service is amazing. I placed an order after four and it's already been shipped for delivery tomorrow. There's a group on FB for Ink...
  2. melissab

    Darker blue Shellac-which one?

    Midnight swim. It's one of my favourite colours.
  3. melissab

    People trying to steal your joy!

    My MIL is like this. Woe is me and everything else. I can't stand it. Every time I try and talk to her to tell her my plans it always gets turned around to her. I just don't bother anymore.
  4. melissab

    Nail stamping!

    Having good plates is a must with stamping. I have MoYou London, Pueen, Bundle Monster, Dashica, Cheeky and Mundo De Ünas plates. They are all fantastic quality. For stamping polish, I have Konad black and white and Barry M special effects gold and silver. I found these to work the best for...
  5. melissab

    My first experiment with Konad

    Konad is great but I think you can get more for your money with MoYou London. The quality of the plates are really good and you get more images per plate. They are £4.99 each with free shipping in the UK. I would also recommend Bundle Monster, Pueen and Cheeky.
  6. melissab

    A dangerous addiction brewing

    Nope. No hope. I don't even want to think about how much I've spent on plates. I have ordered plates from all over. Whatever you do, DO NOT join the group Adventures In Stamping on FB. They feed your addiction. I just ordered 18 stamping polishes and I'm trying to stop myself from ordering...
  7. melissab

    Names on pictures

    I use the iWatermark app to watermark my photos.
  8. melissab

    Game of Thrones

    Love this show. Daenerys is one of my favourites. I can't wait to see what happens with her. I'm glad Joffrey was killed. I could not stand him. It will be interesting to find out more about the white walkers and see how they play into everything.
  9. melissab

    What's your star sign?

    I'm an Aries.
  10. melissab

    Konad vs Moyou

    In my opinion they are both equally as good as each other. Which one to go with depends on what images you are looking for. I personally prefer MoYou London. I like the plate size, images available and the number of images on the plate. I've not had a problem with picking up any of the images.
  11. melissab


    Just went through most of these and sent requests to follow and followed. I'm Xquisitenails on Instagram.
  12. melissab

    First "real" client - help please geeks

    They look fantastic. I would have never guessed that was your first client.
  13. melissab

    Post a picture off your camera roll

    A pic of me and my lovely husband. Next number 42
  14. melissab

    Flexi finger

    That is a bargain. Nice find.
  15. melissab

    Nail course-help please!

    I'm also doing my VTCT Level 3 in Nail Technology with the Beauty Academy. I can highly recommend Marian Newmans book, The Complete Nail Technician 3rd edition. It's pricey but so worth it.
  16. melissab

    What nails are you sporting today?

    Purple Rockstars with stamping accent nail.
  17. melissab

    The hand you can't paint

    I always start with my right hand first. I find I have more patience when I first start out.
  18. melissab

    What nail shape do you wear?

    I'm always have square but I would love to try an almond if I could get my nails to grow.
  19. melissab

    Swarovski crystal nails

    Hi. I buy mine from Scatter Crystals. They have a great selection and the shipping is always quick.
  20. melissab

    The selfie thread!

    I love taking selfies. I love taking pics and nobody ever takes them. Here is my, rocking the pinstripe tunic selfie.