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    Beauty industry return?

    Its a difficult one but it depends on circumstances . The home nail salon where you can have only one client at a time , masks for both yourself and the client , screens and visors plus all the NORMAL hygiene routines we SHOULD always carry out even before this virus then I cannot see how this...
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    How to get clients to relax their hands?

    Often when clients hands are stiff it is because their whole body is and possibly they are are holding their arm 'straight' if that makes sense . I ask them to drop their shoulders, bend at the elbows then I hold their hand and give it a gentle shake saying relax . Seems to do the trick x
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    Assignment problems

    Well in my opinion that is a bit of a loaded question . You should NOT be doing a minor without parental consent ;)
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    Hi There . I was looking through posts on glitterbells and saw you tried this after CJP . Did...

    Hi There . I was looking through posts on glitterbells and saw you tried this after CJP . Did yoy ever sort your issue out and can you tell me which system you prefer . CJP or Glitterbells . I bought the glittersbells starter kit but finding liquid to powder ration quite hit and miss . I was...
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    Glitterbells or CJP?

    Hi Everyone . Taking this opportunity to get stuck into L&P again. Those of you that have tried either one of those systems can you give me your opinions on them please please ?
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    Light Elegance no cleanse top coat

    Hi Lola , Who was it told you that the CND lamp would cure LE and where did you purchase your topcoat and lamp from ? You can try adding a small drop of cuticle oil to the nail after curing and wipe with that . That sometimes does the trick but you need to know for sure that the CND lamp will...
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    Light Elegance no cleanse top coat

    Then I will not have any more discussions with you on this as I find it offensive that you infer to LE as low quality products ...... 2 years absence has not softened your tone any has it ?
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    Light Elegance no cleanse top coat

    Believe me when I say this . THEY 100% make their own products . I was a distributor for them back in the early days ,have met Jim on more than one occasion and have seen their factory . They HAVE proven themselves which , as I said before if you know this industry you would already be aware of...
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    Light Elegance no cleanse top coat

    I find this quite offensive Tuna :mad: . Light Elegance DO MAKE THEIR OWN PRODUCTS 100% . This is a widely known fact . Jim McConnell who owns Light Elegance is a qualified chemist who, since the very onset, 1992 I think it was , has formulated and made the products . If you knew anything about...
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    Light Elegance no cleanse top coat

    Just an as FYI Light elegance both manufacture and produce all their own gels AND the lamp to go with them . They are NOT a reseller of gels . Facts are always a good thing to have ;-)
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    Nail art ruining my business

    Gabriel the person who posted this has not been on the site since Feb 2019 so doubt she will read your reply unfortunately
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    Own brand

    I don't unfortunately but which ever lamp you do get you need to make 100% sure it will fully cure the gel polish range that you have chosen . Can you not ask the company as they should know and have thoroughly tested which lamp cures their gels . If they don't steer well clear :-)
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    Light Elegance no cleanse top coat

    Do you have their lamp ?
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    It completely depends on the gel system you are using so its impossible really to advise . With our gels its just (cleanse) bonder , gels :)
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    Nail salon cough screen/shields

    Read on the BBC news last night about hairdressers wanting to open early and this was in the write up so yes the gov guidelines now say a screen .Whether they will provide any protection or not is questionable but .. The UK government told Newsbeat they are currently working with the industry...
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    Private label UV gel

    Hi Stevie . Welcome to Salon Geek . I really admire your get up and go to want to do this but without sounding unkind if you do not know how to get a VAT number then you are not ready to launch a range of Gel Polish . Its a highly competitive market and one that requires a LOT of business know...
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    Client nail photo, please advise

    Sorry but you cannot know that and we are not doctors . Fungal infections on finger nails are very rare and can ONLY be diagnosed by taking a culture and sending away for analysis .Fungal infections are whitish/yellowish not green/brown That looks like a typical Pseudomonas or greenie as we all...
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    Gel extensions pricing help

    I just have a price for plain extensions ( no colour or French ) and then extensions with either colour or french ( same price ) . Nail art is decided on each client as can vary so much from a few gems to a more time consuming hand painted design . As far as nail art goes it is your TIME which...
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    Online nail art courses?

    Sorry I dont know of any but take a look at You Tube . There are literally thousands and thousands of nail art videos there which should help pass the time :-)
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    Best products to get for someone who is just starting

    Thats a rather broad question and quite hard to answer . What products or system have you trained with as that is the best starting point ? x