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  1. Melanie89

    L&P infill price

    I find these days that the time that goes into doing an infill on a set of nails by the time you have buffed off the shellac etc that it takes the same time as doing a new set. Does anyone charge the same price for both services? I currently charge £25 for an infill and £35 for a new set, I find...
  2. Melanie89

    CND cover pink liquid and powder

    Managed to get a bit of time to do my own nails :)
  3. Melanie89

    How to clean up tint?

    Hello Just wondering if anyone had any tips on cleaning up our hair seats. They are creamy/whiteish leather and have some staining from tint on them. Any advice would be fab! Thanks Melanie
  4. Melanie89

    Multiple salon systems

    Looking to be pointed in the right direction to some cost effective company's offering salon software that is suitable for 2 salons, the owner has recently took on another salon however we are only keeping our phone line in the original shop and want a system that will update in real time to...
  5. Melanie89

    Can any Calgel geeks help?

    Looking to try black matte nails with the shiny tip look with calgel. What's the best way of achieving this look? X
  6. Melanie89

    Perron rigot wax

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy the euro blonde non strip wax from? I was on beauty express but they have a £50 minimum spend and I only need one packet? Thanks!
  7. Melanie89

    Hair extensions suppliers

    I'm booked onto a course to learn micro fusion bonding and micro loops, looking for info on suppliers of good quality hair to use and roughly how much it will cost for me to do a set so I can work out an intro price and price for after to give clients some info to start getting bookings in for...
  8. Melanie89

    hair extensions suppliers

  9. Melanie89

    Belle hair extensions course

    Hi geeks Does anyone have any experience with this company's training? Have been doing research into a course and this one pops up quite a lot. Thanks
  10. Melanie89

    Belle hair extensions course

  11. Melanie89

    Belle hair extensions course

  12. Melanie89

    iPad app?

    Not been on this for yonks :) can anyone tell me if they use an iPad ap to keep records of self employed income? I just got one yesterday and thought it would be handy to use! Thanks xx
  13. Melanie89

    Hair Salon - Newcastle City Centre

    Hi geeks, My friend and I are travelling down to newcastle to see rihanna a week on sunday.. Is there any hair salons open on a sunday that are close to the travel lodge in the centre as we'd like to get a blow dry for going to the concert and out at night! :) xx
  14. Melanie89

    Mortgage when Self Employed

    Hi Geeks Looking for some advice from the self employed side or self employed and employed like myself when applying for a mortgage!:eek: I'm saving at the moment for a deposit and will hopefully be looking early next year so need to know how it all works with me being employed and self...
  15. Melanie89

    Hi Geeks Has anyone used before for advertising and bookings? Seems like a not bad deal compared to others Iv researched! Just wondering if anyone has any experience using them? Thanks ! :hug:
  16. Melanie89

    Certificate in Art and Photographic Make-Up?

    I have had a look at local colleges for a make up course and have came across this 'Certificate in Art and Photographic Make-Up (VTCT Level 2)' Has anyone took a course like this and can you give me any info or advice? Im looking to use my ILA funding to do a make up course if anyone knows any...
  17. Melanie89

    Competition Nails?

    Considering entering a competition at Scottish Beauty Show this year just for the experience! Any tips from geeks who have done these competitions? Or does anyone have any pictures I can look at of nails they should look like so I can get a bit of practice in :) x
  18. Melanie89

    Weekend Nails?

    Looking for some advice on weekend nails! Iv got a few spaces I want to fill up and thought the weekend nails idea would be a good promotion to put on facebook to fill up some gaps and have lots of white tips lying around I dont use so thought I could maybe put them to some use! Iv been...
  19. Melanie89


    Hi Geeks would love to know what you think of my website Beautique Nails - Welcome to Beautique Nails and welcome any feedback on what I could improve or change. Thanks!
  20. Melanie89

    Christmas :D

    Only 45 days till Christmas geeks!! :green: So I thought I'd be nosey and ask what every ones plans are? Is anyone having a Christmas open evening, what kind of retail are you bringing in? Any special promotions/packages? and most importantly when is your decorations going up in the salon?! I...