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  1. JoJo1980

    What's happening here?

    This used to be a place for true professionals to come and advise and discuss things with other professionals, but it all seems to be going mad! Correct me if Im wrong, but do aspiring professional hairdressers not wish to be the best they can possibly be, and as highly regarded and respected...
  2. JoJo1980

    Salon Clarity software-impartial advice only, please!

    Hello guys, Ive been looking through the threads to get some impartial advice about Salon Clarity Software. I really dont want to hear off any other guys trying to flog me their packages, just really want to hear from anyone who has used Salon Clarity and how they found it? Did you find it...
  3. JoJo1980

    Possible reaction to tint. Thoughts?

    Hello Geekers. I have a client who has been having Joico extra coverage 5NG+ and 6% scalp tint every 4 weeks for donkeys years. Over the past few months she has been showing small signs of reacting e.g reddening and raised areas of the neck and forehead and itching when the tint is on. Now...
  4. JoJo1980

    Paid snow days?

    Just wondering..... If staff cant get in to work due to snow, do you still pay them? Its not snowing here - yet - but I'm just anticipating what to do if it does. Before, as we have a 4x4 we have picked staff up and got them in, but to be honest, I dont feel its my duty to do so. So, do you...
  5. JoJo1980

    Who's open between Xmas and New Year?

    Just wondering who is opening their salons between christmas and new year...? Every time I have done it, I get an abundance of no shows so Im closing from 24th until 2nd Jan. Slightly worried about 9 days with no income - but Im not sure its worth paying staff and heat and light etc for no...
  6. JoJo1980

    Can I get a company car through my salon?

    Evening :biggrin: Can any of you salon owners help me? I want to get a company car through my salon but Im unsure about how to go about it. My accountant hasnt been to helpful and has been pretty vague about it. Would I simply put the HP through the business, then it would be a company...
  7. JoJo1980

    Bit of a pickle

    Evening geeks OK, this may take a while to explain, so please bear with me... 2 months ago, we had a really strange lady come in to the salon wanting to book a cut and finish. We were actually closed at the time for training (it was a monday) but she was banging on the door for us to let her...
  8. JoJo1980

    Website design?

    I've searched, I promise! But to no avail.... Does anyone have any reccomendations for good website design? I already have a site but it really needs a makeover. Normally my Dad does it but as some of you geeks are aware, we have had alot of family things going on and I really dont want to...
  9. JoJo1980

    The suing "business"

    Evenin :D Ive had the rare oppotunity of a day off today and Ive watched a lot of TV. All day there have been constant adverts from solicitors to help you sue people. Sue the person whos floor you slipped over on. Sue the person whos stairs you fell down. Sue the person who said you were 5 foot...
  10. JoJo1980

    Varicose veins. What can I do?

    Hi Skin geeks. Im popping over from the Hair section in search of some advice. Years of standing on my feet for 10 hours a day and 2 prettu massive babies have left me with horrendous varicose veins and I was looking for some advice on what I can do about them. They ache a fair bit but the main...
  11. JoJo1980

    Varicose veins. What can I do?

  12. JoJo1980

    Extra wide foils strips. Where can I get them?

    Evening guys! Really hoping someone can help me here. I went on a course recently where they used extra wide foils - about 125mm as apposed to 100mm - and I fell in love with using them! Ive searched EVERYWHERE but I can find where to buy them. I want them in different colours, and pre cut to...
  13. JoJo1980

    What salon music/entertainment do you have?

    Just wondering what sort of music everyone plays in their salon? We currently mainly use the TV's playing music channels, but to be honest im getting sick of the same 8 songs in the charts! Clients do seem to like the TV's (they havent got them in their ear all day!!) but I just wanted to know...
  14. JoJo1980

    Anyone use Joico Colour?

    Just wondering if anyone uses Joico colour and how they find it? Im switching over to it in a couple of weeks and had a few demo days. So far Im very excited but would love to hear anyones views on it.... Also doing the J cut and colour course starting in a couple of weeks. Has anyone done...
  15. JoJo1980

    New client wants to sue previous salon

    Evening all. Hope you can offer me a little advice on this one. I had a new client come in a few weeks ago asking me to fix her hair. She had been to a hairdressers who had put 3 lots of permenant high lift blonde over her hair in one sitting. Her hair had already been lifted about 7 levels with...
  16. JoJo1980

    Shockingly rude husband of client

    Evening Geeks. Had a situation in the salon today! My most senior stylist had a client in today, who's hair she has cut many times before. This client always asks for a new style, and my stylist always happily obliges. Today she came in and asked for a "jamie lee curtis". My stylist called up...
  17. JoJo1980

    Can I colour under 16's hair?

    Evening All Was hoping someone could help me out here..... I had a lady who came in tday to book her daughter in for colour. Her daughter is 14. Now, I remember the government bringing in a new law about colouring under 16's in salon, and it was my understanding that they brought this in to...
  18. JoJo1980

    Reception Desk.....?

    Hello guys, hope youre all having a good week :D Ive been looking for a decent reception desk for, I swear, YEARS! Im fairly picky, and I really want one thats about 1.2m high, but they seem so hard to find! Anyone got any suggestions of where I could look??? Thanks xxx
  19. JoJo1980

    Candy Floss pink with Matrix colour?

    Hi guys. A client would like me to send her pre ligtened hair a candy floss pink colour. In currently use Matrix colours. Any Ideas on the best way to go about this? Thanks :) Jo xx
  20. JoJo1980

    Really upset...

    Hi, I dont post here much, bit of a lurker really :o Anyway, I've had a massive problem in the salon today and really didn't know where else to turn for advice. Basically, I have this extension client who has been coming to me for ages. She was booked in today for removal by one of my senior...