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  1. JoJo1980

    K Pac oil?

    It's awesome. It doesn't discolour blondes like Moroccan oil and it nourishes it better. Fantastic on extensions, used in on mine religiously. Couple of pumps is sufficient, though it's lighter than arguably oils so you can add extra through your extensions. Xx
  2. JoJo1980

    Colour won't stay!

    When you oxidise already over processed hair further, you open up the cuticle more allowing the colour to rinse out again. I would suggest a no lift colour range, or a true Demi. As previously said, you need fat colour molecules and low or no peroxide. X
  3. JoJo1980

    Christmas discounts-advice please

    You give loyalty discounts as a reward for their loyalty, I don't think that you can say "oh you can't use them in December though" if I were a client I'd be thinking "why not, you're making more money?!" I do however think you need to be more strict from now on. When the client gets that final...
  4. JoJo1980

    Colour B4

    Even being a hairdresser, it's very tricky doing a great job of your own hair. I'd suggest some fine foil highlights with bleach and very low vol. again, I'd not attempt this on my own hair, can you service swap with someone? X
  5. JoJo1980

    Perm without root lift?

    That's the one! Well done mister! Xx
  6. JoJo1980

    Perming advice needed, please

    With all due respect, this is very bad practice. If wound correctly, you shouldn't get fish hooks! Also, cutting after looses the firmness of the curl. With regards to which lotion, have you time to do a test curl? If not, I'd use the one for natural and check every 5 mins Jojo x
  7. JoJo1980

    Perm without root lift?

    Now, I don't actually know if this is a taught technique or it's name, but you could wind two thirds of the length then add another roller to wind down the the root (so making the curl looser at the root) also take larger sections with this. You get a flatter root and more curly ends. Pre damp...
  8. JoJo1980

    Colour B4

    I don't really understand. What was the previous colour, what colour were you before you used colour before, and most importantly are you a hairdresser? Jojo x
  9. JoJo1980

    Help with advertising?

    Facebook is fantastic for getting in touch with your clients....but did you know only 25% of clients follow their therapist through social media? Not enough to get things buzzing! Facebook competitions getting your page noticed helps. You need to update it more than "now and again" it needs to...
  10. JoJo1980

    New manager position

    Will you be managing this salon solely? How many members of staff will you have. When I first started, I bought every book under the sun, read them all, then did it my way anyway lol. You'll find your feet, and no doubt make a few mistakes, but as haircutz said, take your time getting to know...
  11. JoJo1980

    Which Keratin blowdry system?

    Nano keratin have just re formulated. They have 3 types now, Virgin hair, stressed hair and formaldehyde free. It's gorgeous and smells like Yves Saint Laurent Perfume! Highly recommend this. Xx
  12. JoJo1980

    Snapping hair

    K Pak has won awards for 20 odd years running for being so awesome. Make sure you get the whole range,shampoo then reconstructor then intense hydrate. Apply in that order X
  13. JoJo1980

    What to look for in a reputable hairdresser?

    Really, stay away from colour for a while. Keratin treatments can help restore the hairs integrity and smoothness, but you really need to lay off the colouring and let it settle. Joico k Pak range will help too, but can't be used in conjunction with keratin blow dries. If you go down the blow...
  14. JoJo1980


    Neutrals and ashes on bleach hair can pick up the cool tones too much, making it khaki. I'd use a mix of gold with a touch of neutral so it doesn't go too gold. X
  15. JoJo1980

    Box coloured hair & stripping to reveal the grey

    It won't look nice and even as it will lift natural hair too, and won't reduce all artificial colour molecules evenly.
  16. JoJo1980

    Box coloured hair & stripping to reveal the grey

    The op asked if a colour stripper will remove all artificial pigment to reveal only natural colour, including grey. Show me the results of this and I'll happily eat humble pie, but after using every type of stripper (matrix, effasor, effinage) I have always found it lift natural hair, even when...
  17. JoJo1980

    Shampoo for extensions?

    Sulphate free is an absolute must with extensions. Good quality products usually mean you don't need much. I used Pureology with my extensions for years, it was lovely and a bottle lasted about 3 months Xx
  18. JoJo1980

    Box coloured hair & stripping to reveal the grey

    A colour stripper won't just strip artificial pigment from your hair leaving the natural in, it will strip any pigment from your hair. It's basically like a bleach bath. If you're looking to go back to natural, I would get the college to colour it as close to your natural as possible, perhaps...
  19. JoJo1980

    American Dream

    Horrid stuff. Tangles matts sheds bonds go sticky. Steer clear IMO Xx
  20. JoJo1980

    Help finding shampoo/conditioner

    I've looked on the platinum range shampoo and conditioner and can't see the ingredient....mind you I can't even pronounce the word lol. Is there a Pureology salon near you? You can find one on the Pureology uk website under salon finder. Perhaps ask for some samples? Xx