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  1. Belle Beauty

    Cleaning a major wax spill - Urgent help needed please!!

    I've just discovered my wax pot on it's side in the boot of the car!! Wax has spilt everywhere, everything is stuck together and I fear my wax pot is beyond salvage. :sad: More importantly, there is a big pool of set wax in the corner of the boot on the carpet and wall of the boot. Has...
  2. Belle Beauty

    I'm in the queue!

    Lol :D I'm in the S2 queue. I came straight in at 10am and straight here...and the queue is already round the block and growing by the second!
  3. Belle Beauty

    Reducing the appearance of scars

    I have some quite bad scars on my legs from insect bites (I'm a picker and a scratcher, so I haven't helped myself!) and I really want to get rid of them, or at least make them look better, before I need to get my legs out in the summer! I know bio-oil can be used to reduce the appearance of...
  4. Belle Beauty

    Shellac training here I come!

    So excited! I'm off to meet the lovely Pamela this morning for my Shellac training...I can't wait!! :D
  5. Belle Beauty

    Shellac training here I come!

  6. Belle Beauty

    Storage case for UV lamps

    I noticed Biosculpture have just bought out a trolley/case that has a great padded section at the top which you can fit in two lamps. I don't use Bio, so don't really want to use something emblazened with their logo, but can't find anything else remotely like this. I've tried searching...
  7. Belle Beauty

    Urgent shellac help please!

    I did a shellac manicure for a client this morning with 2 coats of decadence. She has just called to say the colour is too see through. I have explained it's a gem-like colour so not supposed to be as thick as a cream colour. She has asked if I can put on another coat. Can I do this over the...
  8. Belle Beauty

    Shellac - my first attempt at layering

    And I'm pretty pleased with the result!! :D
  9. Belle Beauty

    Shellac - how many applications per bottle?

    Sorry if this has been covered before. I have tried searching for an answer, but can't find one! I'm just starting out with Shellac and I'm trying to work out roughly how much it cost me to do each treatment. Can anyone give me a rough idea of how many applications you get from each bottle...
  10. Belle Beauty

    Shellac on hairdressers nails

    Does anyone know if Shellac lasts as well on hairdressers nails? My colleague is used to having acrylic extensions, but now wants to grow her natural nails. Is Shellac going to be suitable in her line of work or are we both going to be disappointed with the results?
  11. Belle Beauty

    New CND lamp help please!

    I know I am probably being REALLY thick, but....!! I've just unpacked my new CND lamp and am following the set up instructions, but I can't see any film to remove and I can't get the top off! Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong as I'm really losing my patience and don't won't to...
  12. Belle Beauty

    So excited about getting Shellac!!

    I've just ordered my Shellac kit, lamp and SolorOil from S2 and I'm soooooooo excited!! :D Sadly, I don't know what I'm more excited about, the fabulous Shellac or the miracle SolorOil?! I know, I'm so sad! lol
  13. Belle Beauty

    Shellac Training costs

    Just for info, Shellac Training from Sweet Squared is no longer free, it is now £xx. Just thought I'd share this update as you'll need to factor in this cost to your start up figures. :)
  14. Belle Beauty

    Anyone have a business account with Santander?

    I'm deciding whether to open a business account now or later, but as Santander offer free business banking, I thought about opening an account with them. I've heard quite a few negatives about their personal banking, so I was just wondering what peoples experiences were with their business...
  15. Belle Beauty

    Self-employed Hairdresser required

    We have an opportunity for a self-employed Hairdresser to join our team in a newly refurbished hair and beauty salon in Brimpton RG7. £35 per day. Please contact Ruth on 07914 803955 for more information.
  16. Belle Beauty

    Eve Taylor training

    Hi, I've been looking at doing the training with Eve Taylor, but I'm not sure exactly what they cover! I know they also have a product manual available. So my question is, should I just get the manual or us the training worthwhile to give me any additional information about the use of their...