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  1. judyb6

    Help with matching Gelish and OPI colours, please

    Hi guys! Just a quickie if any of my geeky pals on here are familiar with OPI and Gelish I could really do with some advice please :) As we all know the colours on the Harmony website are so hard to see properly! A lot of my clients have OPI on their toes and Gelish on their fingers or have old...
  2. judyb6

    Perron Rigot creme wax?

    Hi guys just a quick question-have searched threads but can't seem to find the answer. I'm new to PR, I've tried Crystal Ocean and Nacree Blanche but I prefer working with a creme wax. Is the 'escential' range more of a creme consistency? Many thanks! Jude
  3. judyb6

    Advice on a nice make up for salon use and to retail

    I took delivery today of my new Alcina make up tester and retail stand. They were fantastic they not only delivered it but put all the stands up and unpacked it too! I was very impressed! The make up is lovely and there's no minimum order so if you didn't want to order the foundations I'm sure...
  4. judyb6

    Products - where do you buy yours??

    As a therapist who uses Elemis, OPI and Bare Escentuals in the salon, QVC can be both your best friend and your worst enemy. There are lots of premium brands on QVC, as we all know it doesn't necessarily mean much as it's usually diverted stock, but it does seem to be a badge of honour for a...
  5. judyb6

    Which car is suitable for a mobile beauty therapist?

    Definately! It did take me while to work it out, I was putting my couch on the back seat for a while, but obviously no room for the kids! But once you've done it a few times you'll become an expert and get it all in and out in no time. Hope the couch fits! :hug:
  6. judyb6

    Which car is suitable for a mobile beauty therapist?

    I have a two door Golf Gti and I get all my stuff and my two kids in and out in a jiffy! One of the back seats goes down, leaving two to sit on, which gives plenty of space to put my couch and trolley in vertically and my stool slots in upside down beside them, leaving loads of room for my...
  7. judyb6

    What a lovely job we have...

    I'm a single mum and I totally rely on my job to support myself and my kids... and I still love it! I could never do anything else. I had a lovely day in the salon today! All my clients were lovely... we've had a good laugh and set the world to rights!! Then I went to do a home visit for one...
  8. judyb6

    Hi hon! Yeah I've done loads of sprays, about twelve... did a party last week. Everyone...

    Hi hon! Yeah I've done loads of sprays, about twelve... did a party last week. Everyone who's had the 8.5% loves the way it goes on but would like it darker, my sister has had the 10% and it just didn't go on very well at all. Not sure what the answer to that is!!?? Am I right in...
  9. judyb6

    What a lovely job we have...

    Hi guys! Just thought I'd share my day with you.... I had coffee with my best friend who is the manager of compliance for the legal department of a financial company. We were at school together. She went off and did her degree, while I went to technical college to do my NVQ's. She has a...
  10. judyb6

    academie & monu training

    I too was an avid Academie user! The products are lovely, but on the subject of training, at the time I did mine they were still under Hyperion. I paid to fly to Leeds from Southampton and stayed in a hotel for 3 days and all they did was read through the manual I could have taken the course...
  11. judyb6

    No problem... you're welcome! I'm in awe of your waxing knowledge! I had a great weekend thanks...

    No problem... you're welcome! I'm in awe of your waxing knowledge! I had a great weekend thanks! Busy, busy, busy but that's how I like it!!
  12. judyb6

    Using oil when waxing

    I have been wondering about this too! I presumed you couldn't use this technique with warm wax, but now I know you can I'm definately going to give it a go! Thanks guys for sharing your knowledge! xxx
  13. judyb6


    I have a site with freewebs and it's absolutely great! :) I wish I could be a bit more constructive and tell you what it is I'm doing differently, but I'm afraid I have no idea. I'm not in the least bit technically minded at all. I had nothing but problems with 123-reg I couldn't work it all...
  14. judyb6

    Mobile Therapist - products?

    try Academie Scientifique | HOME xxx
  15. judyb6

    Pamper night pricing

    Hi Amanda! Well, we are in very different boats! I have just sold my salon, so I know all about the overheads! As a mobile therapist, it is much cheaper for me to do pamper parties as I don't have to travel in between each client, they're all there in one place for me to do! I already work...
  16. judyb6

    eyelashes extensions

    My advice is don't even attempt it till you've had the training. Even then, it took me about a year after I qualified to get really good at it. Please leave it to the professionals. I know we make it look easy :wink2: that doesn't mean it is! xxx
  17. judyb6

    Giving pamper party host a gift

    That's a bit more like it! I can't believe guests at a pamper party get charged so much more for their treatments than they would usually! Especially if it's the hostess is providing the drinks and nibbles! I do a mini manicure and BNS in 60 mins, and I would noramlly charge £15 for the...
  18. judyb6

    Choo shoes

    I want a mini convertible!!! Not the flashiest car in the world, doesn't even have to be brand new... I just want one! That is my goal! Everytime I finish a long day at work only to go and do more clients I envisage myself getting into my mini and that reminds me why I'm doing it! Not sure I'll...
  19. judyb6

    can anyone suggest a good company to help set up a website

    I'd love to get a properly designed and optimised web site, but for now I have one with Freewebs. It was absolutely totoally free, I didn't pay a penny for any of it! There are some adverts at the top of it, but none of the companies are anywhere near me so it's not too much of a problem. It...
  20. judyb6

    Mobile Therapist - products?

    Well, I recently contacted Dermalogica to enquire about becoming an account with them. I was clear that I was a mobile therapist and they didn't say they wouldn't supply me, they sent me all the gumph and I got a follow up call from their rep too. Maybe they've changed their criteria... or I...