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  1. Foxy67

    What is required to start a salon from my summer house please?

    Hi guys, I would like to set up my beauty salon at home and would be using my summer house. Do I need planning permission? What else is required? Can I go ahead with my domain before I have registered my business? I keep on going in circles and have no idea where to start :biggrin: All help...
  2. Foxy67

    What is CND Plexi Pop Nail Varnish?

    Just seen this advertised on eBay, although I haven't seen on S2. Is this an old product or is "the cat out of the bag"?
  3. Foxy67

    Shellac customised colour help needed

    Hi guys, one of my clients would like me to create her perfect pink with Shellac. Attached is the colour she is after, as this is polish that she uses on her toes. Any ideas how to get this colour? :)
  4. Foxy67

    Help! What is wrong with my nails????

    Hi everyone, I used to have Gelish on my nails and have now switched to Shellac. Since using Gelish they have gone funny, ie, lots of white spots on top of nails. I then decided to change to Shellac, and although better they still have the same with spots. What can this be? Help please. Tried to...
  5. Foxy67

    Shellac Removal

    Hi all Another newbie, probably asking a silly question! Can I use d-colour to remove Shellac? Run out of acetone. Thanks