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  1. judyb6

    Help with matching Gelish and OPI colours, please

    Hi guys! Just a quickie if any of my geeky pals on here are familiar with OPI and Gelish I could really do with some advice please :) As we all know the colours on the Harmony website are so hard to see properly! A lot of my clients have OPI on their toes and Gelish on their fingers or have old...
  2. judyb6

    Perron Rigot creme wax?

    Hi guys just a quick question-have searched threads but can't seem to find the answer. I'm new to PR, I've tried Crystal Ocean and Nacree Blanche but I prefer working with a creme wax. Is the 'escential' range more of a creme consistency? Many thanks! Jude
  3. judyb6

    What a lovely job we have...

    Hi guys! Just thought I'd share my day with you.... I had coffee with my best friend who is the manager of compliance for the legal department of a financial company. We were at school together. She went off and did her degree, while I went to technical college to do my NVQ's. She has a...
  4. judyb6

    Credit Card Crunch?

    Hi Guys!:biggrin: I thought I would start a thread on this as I would be very interested to hear if any other geeks have bee thinking about this... It was in the news this week that 160,000 EGG credit card customers have had their existing cards withdrawn after a review of their credit...
  5. judyb6

    Problems with the T100?

    Hi! I know there are loads of threads on here discussing which machine/solution/company everyone uses for their spray tans, so I hope no-one will mind me starting another one! But there is one issue I've seen mentioned several times in another spray tanning forum which I haven't ever seen on...