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  1. Dee5

    Blonde client with banding wants to go dark brown, help!

    Also if the ends are porous 1/2 the development time on all the services for the porous parts. It won’t go too dark then, but lvl4 is quite dark anyway
  2. Dee5

    Blonde client with banding wants to go dark brown, help!

    Id use dialight to fill with 6vol. The ammonia in Maji won’t help the condition or last as long in the hair, and as dialight is acid based will help. You’ll need to use lvl6 to fill as you need a red undercoat for lvl 4. So if it’s a cool 4 use even amounts 6.3 + 6.34 dialight with 6vol if...
  3. Dee5

    Dark brown hair to a silver/grey

    You’ll need to tone on a level 8/9. A level 10 toner won’t have enough to tone to combat lev 8/9 undercoats
  4. Dee5

    Client growing 100% white in, to blend?

    Join Loreal Access they have a white hair SOS online. It was on today but I missed it. hoping one of the educators can email it to me. Its for all white hair so coverage and those wishing to now embrace it :)
  5. Dee5

    Pre-pig for black

    Also this :)
  6. Dee5

    Pre-pig for black

    Oh Jesus no! Richesse will be fab on her. if she’s a level 7 I’d go in with the 4 in richesse and for the hilites Id use chromative just on those parts, wipe it off with cotton wool so it’s just a stain then go in with richesse.
  7. Dee5

    Pre-pig for black

    Richesse isn’t technical so if you are going up to 4 levels below the natural base work away with richesse. Anything more than 4 levels lower you’ll need to move to INOA or majirel
  8. Dee5

    Majirel Rubilane

    Fab if your a level 5 or 6 use 20using 30 will cause it to fade and for lengths and ends add 5-15 mls of warm water for L+ E. I love the rub carm and DM5 they are stunning and will cover up to 100% of white hair with no need for anything else. those with INOA supreme have been hame changers for...
  9. Dee5

    Majirel Rubilane

    Sorry I’m only back online here now. If they are mixed in the tube already then that’s ok. but we can’t mix them, well we can but the colour can go too dark, get inky etc. why did you use 30 vol? for the lengths and ends to refresh I’d use Dialight they carry some carm dm5 etc in the range...
  10. Dee5

    Majirel Rubilane

    No they can only be mixed with each other. So you can mix rub + rub or carm+ carm. but not rub + carm. Like 7.64 some are already done, but the reason not to mix is that they can become too dense and inky. aso don’t mix base with them :)what are ya looking to achieve?
  11. Dee5

    7/1 too warm

    I’d use 1/2 7CC and 1/2 7.1CC
  12. Dee5

    7/1 too warm

    What have you used in the cool cover?
  13. Dee5

    L’Oréal Dialight advice

    Id leave on for 10 mins and see you can always do it again when it fades out again and leave it for longer. also if it’s brassy the 3 in it might pull a little warmer that you like to you could do 3/4 9.13 and 1/4 9.02with 6vol
  14. Dee5

    Patrick Cameron live hair demos online free

    Thanks Haircutz!
  15. Dee5

    Best hairdryer?

    So my hairdryer died on Saturday and I need to purchase a new one :( Ive a decent budget €100-€150 I’m looking at the parlux Aylon. Not keen on babyliss, Diva or dyson :) What ones are you guys using or recommend?
  16. Dee5

    Sharon Osbourne colour change

    It’s gorgeous on her but look at the breakage
  17. Dee5

    Red heads

    It’ll stay warm like cool hilites on a natural red head would look a bit off? maybe a beigy gold toner would suit. Try a test strand?
  18. Dee5

    Red heads

    Not very well without pre lightener. I’d always pre lighten and tone
  19. Dee5

    Client help!

    The only thing that will ‘fix’ it is if she allows the weight to grow back into it. If it was me I’d tell her you can’t do anymore the weight needs to come back into it. Your the pro be very matter of fact 6 times is excessive and it’s realistically not gonna fix the issue she is having. She...