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    Waxing - talcum powder, yes or no?

    I always use talc on underarms and bikini especially in the warmer weather! When the wax is applied and whipped away so is the talc. It is much nicer for the client aswell and easier for you. Wax does not like sweaty areas!!! xx
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    Hot wax

    i use euro blonde for face waxing but find it is a little harsh for intimate areas. I have tried salon services calendular multiflex for intimate and had really good results xx
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    Favourite wax for Brazilian and Hollywood intimate waxing?

    I am using lycon but just wondered what your favourites are? anyone tried Hive? xx
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    Nail station / table needed

    wow, thanks for your replies, i will have a look xx
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    Nail station / table needed

    :biggrin:I need a nail station / table as mine is now old and wobbly! has anyone purchsed a reasonably priced station recently. I'm sure i saw a thread a while ago that someone bought one from argos / ikea? thank you for your help:Love:
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    Vita Liberate gone green

    Just sprayed one of my clients legs with vita liberate equador and as she left they had a slight tinge of green, never had this before, the bottle is near the end so may be that is it. Has anyone else had this and do you know if the colour will even out, i feel i should ring her to ask if it...
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    Nightmare client stories

    Weve all had the client / bride from hell, what are your experiences. I am writing a fiction book along the line of confessions of a hairdresser/beauty therapist ! and would love to hear your stories ....... no names tho ! Thanks for your help xx
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    Sorry to hijack your thread !! I am a make up artist and use MAC which i love but i recently bought an artdeco foundation which was really lovely, If i was to stock artdeco wouyld i have to purchase the whole range first or could i just purchase the bits i wanted, thanks xx
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    Photoshoot make up prices

    thats really helpful, thank you ladies ! x I do hair design aswell so for hair and make up for a session i was thinking of £50 does that sound reasonable ? xx
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    Photoshoot make up prices

    To all you make up artists out there !!! How much do you charge to do make up for a photoshoot ??? I have got the oportunity to do some photoshoot make up ( i do bridal / special occasion at the moment) for brides to 'rock their frock' after the wedding in a fun photoshoot, i havnt done...
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    Tan that will not come off!

    thats what i do !!
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    Air Base make up

    Thanks everyone, I'm booked for training, can't wait :lol: ... Tanfastic, the training is free is you book the full professional package xx
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    Air Base make up

    looking to train and get air base. has anyone used it and what are your thoughts, is it as good as MAC ?! xx
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    Semi Permanent Makeup removal advice, needed

    Hi, I trained with finishing touches and they definately do a form of tattoo removal , i think it is in the form of a pigment tatooed over the top which disperses the colour, but definately gove them a ring, good luck. ps they should have checked the pigment on you first ! xx
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    St Tropez Dark

    Who has used st tropez dark and what are your thoughts. What percentage is it equivalent to. Thank you x
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    Semi permanent brows aftercare

    Yes i do provide aftercare i use products advised by the company i trained with, i'm just interested in what others use as one of the products is now only available from america #fully qualified thanks
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    Semi permanent brows aftercare

    Bepanthan will be alot easier aswell, I can advise the client to purchase a small tube before the treatment, Thank you xx
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    Semi perm make up training

    I trained about 9 years ago at finishing touches in the brighton/sussex area and they now charge £2250. I learnt eyes / brows and lips and now only do brows but it really dosn't keep me going full time i do alot of other beauty and bridal work inbetween, and clients can be soooooo fussy ...
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    Semi permanent brows aftercare

    Yes thats what i thought !! thank you very much xx
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    Vita Liberata spray tan?

    i found the tan lovely, fade off good but customer services awful, i had to rearrange an appointment and no one got back to me, i emailed the offices and no reply, when my delivery came the bottle was smashed. :-(