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  1. Miss_Bs_nails

    Liquid & powder allergy?

    Do you have a good dust extractor because I was getting reactions because my extractor wasn’t that strong so i was having acrylic particles on my hands and started to develop a reaction over time. Since then I’ve not needed to do acrylics for a while and it’s cleared up. When I go back to it...
  2. Miss_Bs_nails

    Stainless steel foot file

    The Microplane professional pedicure rasp on Ellisons is really good. We use it at work and I’ve been waiting for them to get it back in stock so I have it at home for personal use
  3. Miss_Bs_nails

    Shiny top coat

    I love Naio Nails Urban Graffiti. Their gel top coat is really nice and glossy. They also have Mega Gloss but that’s for artificial nails. [no trade prices please - thanks] Sorry!
  4. Miss_Bs_nails

    Glitterbells or CJP?

    I’ve never used glitterbells but I really love CJPs l&p. It was a little tricky to get the ratio right to begin with (I think that goes for most systems though) but compared to the other systems I’d used in the past CJP is fab and it files like a dream!
  5. Miss_Bs_nails

    French tip application

    Have you tried doing a straight line to the height of the french line needed then using a detail brush to create the smile line? Then if needed I tend to use gel wipe off solution and have found for me it comes to getting the dampness of my oval headed brush just right so the gel doesn’t blur...
  6. Miss_Bs_nails

    OPI gel polish

    Personally I’ve used opi gels in the past but wasn’t left wow’d by it. It was ok. I did like some of the top coat shimmer/glitter effect bottles but for standard colours was never really left feeling impressed tho I do know they are still popular. I have a lot of their normal polishes though. I...
  7. Miss_Bs_nails

    What nails are you sporting today?

    I’m currently wearing these. Super happy how they turned out. You never know how a set will end up on you own hands this was a mixture of stamping for the lace and freehand using the gel bottle biab lady and daisy
  8. Miss_Bs_nails

    Hello all! I’m Miss B and I’m addicted to nail art. I’m a therapist in a beautiful spa in the...

    Hello all! I’m Miss B and I’m addicted to nail art. I’m a therapist in a beautiful spa in the North East of England where I spend my days doing all manner of treatments. Currently missing massage while in lockdown.
  9. Miss_Bs_nails

    Nail art clean up with The Gel Bottle

    I use the gel bottle almost exclusively and actually find the thickness of the gel an actual selling point for me. It does gather in my art brushes more but I just use gel wipe off solution to keep on top of cleaning them during my painting and I always check my brushes at the end to make sure...