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  1. rachelt73

    How would you achieve this effect?

    Help, I've only fairly recently started in nails and had a client ask if I can do this? With all the ombre nails I've practiced so far (I work with Gelish) using sponging I just can't seem to get the smooth finish. Has this effect been achieved using mica powders perhaps or is it even...
  2. rachelt73

    Problems removing Gelish with d-Solve-what did I do wrong?

    Sorry for the long post but please bear with me as I'm feeling a bit demoralised. Having read on here from many posts that D.Solve seems to be a popular alternative to the Nail Harmony soak off remover but much cheaper I received mine this morning and was eagerly looking forward to using it...
  3. rachelt73

    Is there such a thing as a left handed cuticle knife?

    Struggling with my cuticle removal particularly around the side walls as all the cuticle pushers and knives I have tried so far seem to be angled for the best removal if used right handed. I'm using Gelish so they recommend dry prep without the use of a cuticle remover product. I have found...
  4. rachelt73

    Dotting tools - any recommendations?

    Title says it all really, can anyone recommend or have a preference for a dotting tool? Thanks.
  5. rachelt73

    Appointments App that sucessfully syncs with iCal?

    Has anyone come across an app for the iPad/iPhone that successfully syncs appointments with the iCal. I've looked at Ovatu and MyChair but can't seem to set them up so that a sync will successfully share between calendars. I guess I could just use iCal for my appointments but I like the idea...
  6. rachelt73

    Recommendations for web hosting

    Does anyone have any recommendations as to which of the myriad of companies out there that are best for web hosting. I have purchased my domain name through 123reg, created my site via Moonfruit but before I commit to my web hosting supplier I thought I would see what suggestions you guys have...
  7. rachelt73

    Does this look professional enough for a home set up?

    Good Morning Geeks Just wondered if you would mind giving your honest opinions on my new home set up. I am booked on my Gelish 101 Introductory course in March and wanted to put together a set up at home so that when I start doing my coursework assignment sets of nails I will not having to...
  8. rachelt73

    Nail table - help!

    Hi Will be attending my Gelish training beginning of March and want to get something to do nails on at home. Can't quite afford to invest in anything super special just yet and in the meantime wanted something that was fairly unobtrusive when not in use. Just seen this and wondered what you...
  9. rachelt73

    Tweezerman Cuticle Nippers & Pushy - a good choice?

    Just about to invest in a pair of cuticle nippers and a double ended cuticle pusher and like the look of the Tweezerman nippers and double ended pushy. Have found a reputable website where they are on offer and I can get both for just over £30. Does this sound like a good deal and anyone have...
  10. rachelt73

    Need help identifying a Gelish colour

    Any Gelish people know what colour this might be? I know it's definitely Gelish and wondered if it was Night Reflections. Seems to have a blue hue to it as well so possibly a layered effect? Any thoughts?
  11. rachelt73

    Newbie here - my Gelish starter colours

    Hi All Am new here and new to Gelish so firstly let me say hi ;) Ever since I can remember I've had a hankering to work with nails and so I've finally taken the plunge, booked my Gelish 101 course in March. It's all very exciting and I cannot wait to get started. After much...