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  1. Mani-fique!

    Rearranged Shellac colour tip ring

    So, I checked out the order that the colours are shown in the latest catalogue, then rearranged a couple - the nudes mainly & I think I have a more 'natural flow' of one colour moving to the next. I had to use some tweezers to gently lift enough to remove the chain but it's all popped back on...
  2. Mani-fique!

    Blood thinning meds for blood clots

    Hi, just need some advice my first client - the Nordic Lights - told me she has a condition which causes mini clots and is therefore on blood thinning meds. - not warfarin but she couldn't remember the name of it. Now do I need her to get a note from her Doc for me to apply Shellac or just get...
  3. Mani-fique!

    Shellac Nordic Lights - first client

    Hi Peeps, Had my first client today & my first experience using Nordic Lights! I'm exhausted [emoji23] took me forever - lots of PEP required & of course educating her about a few things re cuticle is not the cuticle it's the eponychium & no it shouldn't be cut! [emoji15] She has been great &...
  4. Mani-fique!

    Shellac nail colour ring!

    Hi guys, I received an email from SS this morning saying that the Shellac colour ring is now available so I've happily now ordered mine and it's on its way. As a beginner this is going to be invaluable to me as I currently only have a short range of colours but if I have something to show my...
  5. Mani-fique!

    First Shellac on myself - couple of issues

    Hi, so I've had a go on myself. Have started with Grapefruit Sparkle just to get my confidence off and try working on my application. Did a thin as possible base layer and 2 thin layers of colour with a thin layer of top coat.. Now I'm not sure what occurred but after removing the inhibition...
  6. Mani-fique!

    Help! Shellac removal - what have I done wrong?

    Hi guys, No surprises but I've already come across due to lack of inexperience a huge disheartening issue on my very first set of Shellac. You may have remembered I posted, very happy & excited to have finally 'gone for it' & had my training. I've just tried to remove mum's Shellac and it's...
  7. Mani-fique!

    Which glitters/additives/foils for nail art course?

    Hi guys, Now that I've finally got myself trained to use Shellac, I've bitten the bullet & booked myself on the CND Shellac Art & Style training in Nov. Now, I have some Shellac colours, but I'm not sure what Lecenté glitters, CND additives & Lecenté foils to get. I have the following...
  8. Mani-fique!

    Hi I'm back & ready to Shellac!

    Hi guys, I've been hovering for a few days now but thought I'd say hi. Many of you will not know me as I've been away from the nail industry for over a decade. Cutting a very long story short I started with CND L&P, then Brisa back in 2004, then, well basically gave up - health, personal probs...
  9. Mani-fique!

    How to clean Brisa gel brush for Shellac

    Hi, I understand that the Brisa gel brush that came with my original Brisa kit (many moons ago!) is useful to tidy up smile lines for the french Shellac manicure. Now, as I've not used it in years, and has residual Brisa on it, what is the best way to clean it ready to use with Shellac? Many...
  10. Mani-fique!

    Returning Geek via Shellac

    After 4 years away from the nail industry, I'm now on my way back starting with the Shellac Attack training over at Ellisons in Coventry! I'm booked for 28th March pm and wondered if any other geeks would be attending? I'm nervous As I've not even manicured my own nails in ages and so much...
  11. Mani-fique!

    Logo/Business Name on Towels

  12. Mani-fique!

    Curling Hair

  13. Mani-fique!

    Mani/Pedi times VS Hourly Rate?

    After thinking long and hard about something Geeg said awhile back about working out your prices according to how much you want to earn per hour, I'm trying to price my manicures/ pedicures accordingly. I've done some research on the CND website and according to their step by steps the...
  14. Mani-fique!

    Hair Volumiser/Thickener

    Hi there, after trying various hair volumisers without much success over the years I wondered if any of you out there could recommend one. My hair is fine but there is alot of it. Its fairly long and layered, prone to frizziness, goes dry with split ends and goes greasy at the roots. I have to...
  15. Mani-fique!

    Bare Essentuals or Jane Iredale

  16. Mani-fique!

    Bare Escentuals or Jane Iredale

    Hi, I've been looking into mineral makeup. Two brands that keep popping up are Bare Escentuals and Jane Iredale. So... Can anyone advise as to which is better or are they as good as each other? Or indeed anyone's experience of either. Also where are the best places in the UK to purchase...
  17. Mani-fique!

    Has Anyone Heard of 'Grace Cosmetics'

    A friend of my mother is a distributor for 'Grace Cosmetics' and has used the products herself with very good results which of course has got me interested but before I commit myself to becoming a distributor, I'm trying to find out as much as I can including whether any of you guys have heard...
  18. Mani-fique!

    Do You Have a Signature Service?

    I use CND products for my manicures - Solar Drench & Spa Manicure but I was wondering if any of you have a signature service that promotes YOU in some way and whether it is of any benefit?
  19. Mani-fique!

    Microsoft Free Website Hosting

    Has anyone tried the Microsoft Office Live Basics for free web hosting and domain name? I'd like to see examples but they don't show any before you register. There are three different packages of which Basics is free which includes a free domain name. It sounds interesting but I'd like to...
  20. Mani-fique!

    Hand Mask for Manicures?

    Do any of you incorporate a hand mask in your manicures other than paraffin wax or using heated mitts with lotions such as solar butter? Can any of you recommend a hand mask, also can any pedicure mask be used such as from the Spa Pedicure or Raw Earth range from Creative? Thanks in...