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  1. Charlottehana

    Classic lash extension feedback please?

    Hi all!! I’ve been practising lash extensions on family members but due to COVID I haven’t been able to branch out and practice on anyone else. I just wondered if anyone could possibly give me any feedback on the sets I’ve done? The top two were the first sets I ever did and the last two are...
  2. C

    Eyelash extension protection

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to provide extra protection for ourselves and clients when doing eyelash extensions? I will be asking clients to wear a mask and I will of course be in PPE. I was thinking more of a perspex dome or half tunnel shape but slightly sloped...
  3. L

    Eyelash extension help

    Help!! I have just done a 3 day course in classic lash extensions and STRUGGLED. After finally getting used to isolating the natural lash I am struggling extremely with placement. It’s almost like my depth perception is completely off and I end up going past the natural lash as I’m placing and...
  4. L

    Lash extensions, can I infill D curls with C curls?

    I normally always have a c curl lash extensions done which I generally love but during my latest set I stupidly decided to try the d curl which my lady did advise me were more dramatic. I’ve now decided I prefer how they were before as they looked so much more natural. Can someone advise if my...
  5. C

    Eyelash extensions recommendations

    I have recently qualified in classic lashes and will be completing a Russian lash course this week coming! I’m not sure what supplier to go for, I have been looking at tatti lashes and lash base, has anyone got any recommendations/reviews? Would love some help/advice!
  6. DyeMyHair

    Eyelash extension adhesives

    Yes it's normal! The main ingredient in lash glue is cyanoacrylate which is also the main ingredient in nail glue and superglue :) Please don't be tempted to try and practice on your own lashes during lockdown! Lash glue is very strong and should never be used on open eyes :)
  7. J

    Eyelash extension adhesives

    Hey, I have recently trained in individual eyelash extensions. The adhesive provided in my kit smells really strongly like nail glue - is this normal? Any advice appreciated. Jorden
  8. Mrsblakemore

    Eyelash extensions course

    Hi Abbie, I would use this time at home to watch as many YouTube clips as you can on eyelash extensions and products and maybe follow a few therapists on Instagram. Then once the lockdown has finished I would go on a proper course so you can have that one to one time with someone who can answer...
  9. L

    Eyelash extensions adhesion problem and advice

    I am studying online for lash technician courses. Iv to hand in 3 models examples of classic , partial and Russian and hybrid lashes. I have the lashbase adhesive glue and practising on strip practise lashes from eyelash excellence on a manniquin head. However when I apply the lashes they keep...
  10. G

    Moving to Canada, but where to & need advice the area where I live (countryside, almost no requests), nail technician, acrylic (2years) and recently (9months) qualified for eyelash extensions. I have a 2 year old daughter too. I want to move to Canada and currently live in England. I have searched for numerous places where to move in...
  11. A

    Eyelash extensions course

    Hello, I’ve been thinking about doing an eyelash extension course for a while; but due to being in lockdown I was thinking of using my time to do an online course? What are people’s opinions on this? What courses would you recommend or Would I be better off doing it when the lock down is over?
  12. S

    How do I build up my business?

    Hey im new to it all aswell been going since xmas and i was really busy then before lockdown i was so quite. Made me feel rubbish when i was seeing everyone doing so well and i had spent so much money but getting no where. I felt like giving up so much. But we are just beginers and our time will...
  13. Ali_d2003

    How do I build up my business? this way too long now to not be making a living out of it. Im wondering am I just bad at my job. I'm terrible at gel nails and eyelash extensions I spent a fortune on new eyelash stuff and I still can't get them to last. I'm considering trying acrylic. I'm good at shellac, lash lifts and...
  14. S

    Eyelash extensions

    Hi I’m looking to start my own range of lash extensions but can’t find a supplier so that I can put my own branding on. I’ve search for a few but most of based worldwide (China) if anyone has any idea on where’s best to search
  15. bella-donna

    Lash brand - which manufacturer to start my own brand?

    Im interested in starting my own eyelash extension brand and I am stuck on how to find a good manufacturer. Any advice would be great...
  16. DyeMyHair

    Eyelash extensions - new and having issues

    Hi there! I'm assuming you mean you're struggling to release the lash from your tweezers? I'm new to lashes too and I can honestly say it took me a good few sets to get comfortable and feel natural holding my tweezers. I know its frustrating when people keep saying "just keep practising" but...
  17. H

    Eyelash extensions - new and having issues

    Hi! I just recently did an eyelash extension training course (which honestly, for the amount of money I paid I feel the instructor was largely unhelpful). I am having a really hard time with actually placing the lash extensions on the natural lash (I'm not having any problems isolating, or even...
  18. Charlottehana

    Eyelash extension feedback please?

    Hi! I’m currently doing a lash extensions course, I have done two full sets on family members. I’m verrrrry self critical so I feel I’m not happy with them. I just wondered if I could have some feedback please on them?
  19. H

    LashBase Training. Yay or Nay?

    ...I'm undecided in which avenue to take. LashBase keeps crossing my path, and I was wondering what your experiences with LashBase eyelash extensions were, both in training and product? I was going to go with Nouveau but it's extermelly expensive and with a general training school (the beauty...
  20. A

    Eyelash extensions

    Hi everyone. I've recently just qualified in marvel lash classic eyelash extensions. I've found it quite challenging but I've done about 6 clients now while training and it is getting easier. I was just wondering if I could ask u lash techs a few questions? How do u stop the attached lash...