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  1. auntsally

    Only Fools And Horses???????

    Hi this is hubby of auntsally. I can make your problem dissapear. know what i mean? know what i mean? know what i mean? eh... eh...
  2. auntsally

    Breast Implants

    thanks again hun i will look into this tomorrow x
  3. auntsally

    Breast Implants

    thanks hun i did have a bra fitting at marks and spencers about four months ago dont no if they are any good i will take your advice though and try a specialist bra shop for another measure up to see if there is a differnce thanks x
  4. auntsally

    Child Support Agency????

    hi hun the csa have been dealing with my case off being owed money for the last eight months witch has been paid in and they have lost the checks you ring every day and speak to different people and have to explain the same story they always say they look in to it and never replie back to you...
  5. auntsally

    Breast Implants

    hi hope no one minds me asking im haveing my breast done and was woundering if anyone has had theres done and if there is any good places to recomend to me not sure were to start i live in the north west area thankyou
  6. auntsally

    Canadian Geeks and people who have been to Canada

    we have friends in calgary i was there for six months it is realy a gorgous place we used to travel at weekend to banth in the mountains witch is breathtakeing you if you go to calgary you should go and have a visit up calgary tower and get brunch lovely x
  7. auntsally

    Where can i do a quick course in basic hairdressing?

    oh ok sorry yes i can understand that it would take that long because of all that is involed, with the couloring, perms, and restyles and everything eles but that is something that i dont want to do, i dont claim to be a hairdresser, im a hairextensionist ,and there is alot of companys that will...
  8. auntsally

    Where can i do a quick course in basic hairdressing?

    it took you two years to do hairdressing or two years to do hairextensions ?
  9. auntsally

    New spray tanning video

    porn are you all serous, how are you suposed to be spray tanned in your polo neck jumper :eek: i thought the videio was very good it didnt put me off and it told you everything you need to no, the different girls for different skin tones, the white bits showed later showed how the tan developed...
  10. auntsally

    Where can i do a quick course in basic hairdressing?

    i have also done a four day course on hair extensions and i am not a hairdresser then i followed up two day cutting course thats a cutting courses to learn how to blend in hairextensions only ,ive not learned how to cut a style because that is not what i want to do, i only want to do...
  11. auntsally

    jessica simpson hair

    thinking off geting some clip in hairextensions , ive had them before but noticed yesterday that jessica simson has brought some out , its one strip to do the whole head its clips in ear to ear , then round the nape all in one piece , for real hair it is more expensive then the normall hair...
  12. auntsally

    best method of hair extensions?

    i do balmain hair extensions double hair wefts the weft are very thin and extremly light they are bonded in along the middle of the weft have you tried these the balmain hair is so lovely and the condition of the hair is great they are also reusable when they are due to be removed they can be...
  13. auntsally

    Crocs.....Do you have a pair and what colour? Any doodles/ jibbitz?

    there like marmite you either love them or hate them i dont like them my self but little kids look good in them want to get some for my little boy he want to collect the stick on things you put on them
  14. auntsally

    las vegas nails

    no i havent seen this done either ive not had any problems and i think the same she looked like it was to wet it didnt get on my skin its just that the smile lines were perfect because she used a nail tip diped in monimer and scouped the white out to make a perfect curve whitch ive been...
  15. auntsally

    las vegas nails

    ive just come back from a week in las vegas so i thought i would treat myself to have my nails done there she did pink and white acrlic ive never seen the way she did it done like that before she put a large blob of white on one finger told me to tilt my finger down ward so it ran down the nail...
  16. auntsally

    fake tan, which one for mobile

    contact debbie easter she does the conture spray tan course thats in manchester it realy a good tan
  17. auntsally

    Couture Tanning

    i use conture its realy lovely could someone tell me what the speacial offer is as i seem to off missed what it is thanks
  18. auntsally

    Model help

    were is the class takeing place if im near i can help out i live in lancashire if thats any help
  19. auntsally

    which spray tan company and why?

    conture for me love the coulor and realy smells lovely aswell
  20. auntsally

    NVQ 2 Beauty books

    there is two books one is called level two nvq in beauty and there is a level three as well they are packed with information they are about 20 pounds i think you can buy them from waterstones