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  1. SerenityNailz

    Bio Sculpture luxury pedicure

    With shellac I give the feet a quick dip in the foot bath to freshen them, do my shellac application and then give the feet a longer soak (5 mins or so), exfoliating scrub and moisturize. Do I do the same with bio sculpture or do I need to do the soaking and scrub before the bio sculpture...
  2. SerenityNailz

    Vinylux with alternative top coat?

    Has anyone used vinylux with a different top coat?
  3. SerenityNailz

    Bio Sculpture buffing questions

    So I'm booked to do my training in April (so excited!!) but I'm trying to get everything together for the salon before then - I was just wondering whether everyone uses a 240 grit buffer to remove shine and then either a 100 or 180 grit to break the seal for removal? On a separate note - do you...
  4. SerenityNailz

    Cuticle work and shaping

    Hi! Just interested to see who does what first? Cuticle work or shaping? X
  5. SerenityNailz


    Is it possible to tell which individual card payments are included in each deposit to my bank account? Do izettle email this to you for every deposit into your bank account or is it something you can see on one of the reports on your online account? Thanks
  6. SerenityNailz

    Gel polish brands advice

    Hiya I know with bio sculpture you have to do their own branded training and assessment before you can be insured to carry out bio sculpture treatments but what about for other brands? I'm looking at The Gel bottle colours - is academy gel polish training and CND shellac training sufficient -...
  7. SerenityNailz

    Creative Academy London

    Hiya :-) I was just wondering if there was a shop at the new London CA? Thanks everyone x
  8. SerenityNailz

    Rock Royalty Vinylux alternative?

    Hi all :-) So I've run out of rocky royalty vinylux and I have a client who is wanting it on her toes for her hols to match her shellac mani - she is adamant she doesn't want shellac on her toes!?? and has asked if I can get a similar colour nail polish - has anyone seen a similar colour...
  9. SerenityNailz

    Seche Vite top coat - I'm in love!

    Just had to post to say how impressed I am with seche vite top coat! My lumos had a bit of an unfortunate accident and I needed a quick replacement so popped to Sally's to pick up seche vite and I am so glad I did! Don't get me wrong I love lumos but the shine on seche vite - WOW! I would say...
  10. SerenityNailz

    Shrinking Violet home care products

    Hi all, I did my SV training yesterday and in my pack there is information on SV body sculpture, arm sculpture and chin sculpture retail products - however on the TO website I can't find these products and their FB says that Mrs Hippi products will be launched soon - I'm confused as i have seen...
  11. SerenityNailz

    Bubbles with Vinylux

    Hi all, I've noticed that sometimes there are little bubbles on the surface of my Vinylux once I have top coated :-( Any ideas? x
  12. SerenityNailz

    Shrinking Violet Course

    Just booked my shrinking violet course for the end of the month in Manchester - excited!!!!! I just hope I get the level of business from it that I think I will! x
  13. SerenityNailz

    The Event Vinylux Demo video?

    Hi Geeks, I noticed that some of you were videoing the demos at the event - would anyone be an absolute super star and send me the Vinylux demo that Kelly did please? If you could pm me that would be fab!! x
  14. SerenityNailz

    Vinylux on toes

    Hi all, Just wondering when clients ask how long Vinylux lasts on toes what you all are saying time wise? x
  15. SerenityNailz

    The Sweet Shop

    Hi all, I'm staying in Leeds until the end of the week and want to visit the sweet shop before I leave - is it based at the head office address and what are the opening hours - meant to call s2 earlier and ask but didnt get round to it! x
  16. SerenityNailz

    Brisa Lite timings?

    Hi all, How long does it take you on average to do a brisa lite smoothing gel application from start to finish if you are not applying shellac afterwards? Also if you are putting BL smoothing under shellac how much extra time does this add to your shellac treatment time? Thanks. X
  17. SerenityNailz

    Pamper evening - help!

    Hi all, So after weeks of being really quiet I have had a princess party and a pamper evening booked in this week - wahoo! Problem is I'm nervous about my timings so I was thinking of keeping a clock next to me and trying to keep to the following: Princess party (12 year olds) - 25 mins per...
  18. SerenityNailz

    Spray tanning and stretch marks

    Hi all, I'm over from nails and looking for some advice! Since having my little girl 7.5 months ago my stretch marks are bothering me more and more and with summer on the horizon I'm even more determined to reduce their appearance! I'm not talking about just a few stretch marks - I had...
  19. SerenityNailz

    Spray tanning and stretch marks

  20. SerenityNailz

    Pamper parties for little ones

    Hi all, So - I've just had my first enquiry for a manicure party for a group of 12 year olds. Very exciting! I haven't actually advertised for these and so haven't thought of what kind of prices I would charge. What kind of prices do you charge per head if they want a manicure with a bit of...