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  1. mobileharmonyxx

    Colour changing nail polish

    I have seen a client wearing colour changing nail polish, the lady told me where she got, but I can't remember. The tips were a deep pink and the main part of the nail was purple. I have looked everywhere without being further forward.
  2. mobileharmonyxx

    Facial massage cream

    I am looking for a facial massage cream that would be suitable to use if you are pregnant. I have no idea, I used to use blended facials oils, but I know that this is no longer suitable. Can anyone help on the above? Thanks.
  3. mobileharmonyxx

    Mobile therapy and parenting

    :confused: I am in the middle of setting up my business, which is going good so far with having advertising through nestle promotion. A lot of the clients have taken a price list and business card. I am now wondering, what I can do when I have my baby, due end of this year? What would you do?
  4. mobileharmonyxx

    Outfits for Maternity

    I have searched high and low for a maternity wear, but struggling to find any. I am on a tight budget, as for saving for baby. Any recommendations would be greatful. Thanks.
  5. mobileharmonyxx

    remedial/deep therapeutic massage

    Please explain the difference between remedial/deep therapeutic massage and swedish massage.
  6. mobileharmonyxx

    Advertising material

    As you may be aware that I am starting from scratch with my business, new logo, price list etc etc. What I would like to know who creates such a recommended service for the above? Vista print I am not into.
  7. mobileharmonyxx

    Recommended web designer

    I am looking for a recommended web host and web designer, I want to start a fresh with a new version.
  8. mobileharmonyxx

    mobile hairdressers in Scotland

    I am wanting to know if there is any mobile hairdressers, in Scotland.
  9. mobileharmonyxx

    Stuck and dont know what to do regarding moving forward with my business

    I had a meeting with my business advisor, who wasnt best pleased with me. He said that my mobile therapy business should be full time, and earning a wage. I am neither, my motivation and self confidence has lacked for along time. In my heart I want to work self employed but unsure which way to...
  10. mobileharmonyxx

    Mobile business but some clients want treatments done in my own home.

    How do you get round clients coming to your own home, that is not set out as a therapy room but a livingroom? I have three clients coming to my house that wanted treatments done in my own home. I have two friends coming next week, not used to doing treatments in my own home. What would you...
  11. mobileharmonyxx

    What would you do?

    I had a call from a local hotel, wanting a massage for their guest, who had a severe back problems. I suggested that I am a massage therapist, and with a problem such as that I suggested she saw a chiropractioner or physiotherapist. They left it like that until today when I received...
  12. mobileharmonyxx

    Hot stones mobile therapy

    I am wondering if there is such a thing as a mobile tank to carry out hot stone therapy. I have been asked by numerous clients if I do this, but not sure if there is a such a thing??
  13. mobileharmonyxx

    Network groups

    I was told yestererday that this is the best form, to generate business, was to attend the groups. I have a few from the seminar that I was at, but at a £1,500 or £500, per year I dont have the money at the moment. Does anyone know of any good network groups that are out there?
  14. mobileharmonyxx

    Did anyone watch the budget, the government are offering money to woman to set up.

    It was my husband who told me about it, apparantly the government is giving money to women to set up their business. Sounds good, just wondering who you would ask for more information regarding this. I thought I'd share with everyone else. Heres a link that will tell you more...
  15. mobileharmonyxx

    Which mortgage company do you go through if self employed?

    I am curious to find out what mortgage company is the best for self employed. I tried the link above, oh my god how much!!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  16. mobileharmonyxx

    Any ideas how to push a website to generate interest.

    I have a web site, but it is like its dormant, no interest from it. What sort of advertising is needed to tell people the site is online?, and I am waiting for their business. I have put out business cards, with web address on it. Joined nearly every free online advertising site, there is out...
  17. mobileharmonyxx

    What can be done to help?

    A good friend handed her notice in at her work, she only done two weeks of it due, to the stress from the area manager. She was meant to do four weeks notice. The area manager had phoned her at home, and said that she wasnt getting her 85 hours lieu time or holiday pay. She was forced...
  18. mobileharmonyxx

    Anyone going the New start up exhibition in Glasgow?

    I am wondering if anyone else is attending the new start up scotland in Glasgow. They have 150 stalls and workshops giving advice on how to set up, progress, and grow a business. It sounds really good, alot of good information going to be there. Here is the link!!! NEW START SCOTLAND 08
  19. mobileharmonyxx

    Wanted a room in a health clinic or salon

    I am fully qualified in Beauty Therapy, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Hopi ear candles. I am currently studying reflexology and crystal therapy.
  20. mobileharmonyxx

    What to do if no clients, and want to start renting a room.

    How would you approach this obstacle, I have tried mobile therapy, but it not getting far. I am now looking into renting a room in a salon or clinic, the only disadvantage is no clients. Would you stay away or would you just go for it?