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  1. ronray

    Client’s bleach gone wrong & wants to go darker? Advice please!

    Yes it can, but depending on the underlying tones, you may want to tweek the formula slightly.
  2. ronray

    Desperately seeking colour help

    I'd almost definitely look at using colour touch instead of colour fresh. Colour fresh only lasts a few washes, especially over bleached hair.
  3. ronray

    Desperately seeking colour help

    I definitely wouldn't colour over it to lift it back up with 30vol. The hair already looks fine and fragile in some areas. A shadow root would look better and freehand paint some of the base colour through the ends. Then just tone your left out blonde pieces.
  4. ronray

    Constantly complaining client

    I'd probably send her a message and say something like... "Hi ***** I've been feeling for a while that you've not been happy with your hair. I'm sorry you feel this way. I appreciate your custom and continued support over the last **** months /years. But I feel I can no longer come to do your...
  5. ronray

    Wella 77/43 question

    It's absolutely fine, I used this all the time! 6% for grey coverage or bases lighter than a 6. Anything darker you'll need to use a higher developer. You'll need to use 12% on a base 4 to get maximum lift
  6. ronray

    Brassy hair help

    If the client is naturally a base 7, 9.0+9.1 with 6% won't get you dirty blonde. That would only work if the hair was lighter, and you were depositing the colour. Your best option would be to bleach and tone to gets true ash blonde /dirty blonde
  7. ronray

    Colour choice with Wella red tones?

    Yes 5/5 is more red than 5/75 but its not vibrant. If you want a more rich / slightly vibrant colour add 66/45 :)
  8. ronray

    Framesi colour

    I've been using framesi at work for 18 months ish now. I moved from wella to framesi and found the transition fairly smooth. We chose to predominantly work with 2001 because it was most similar to wella. The white coverage is good when you're familiar with the product. I find mixing them with...
  9. ronray

    Toning level 8 with Wella

    8/03 is gold not orange?
  10. ronray

    Foils help

    What do you mean gaps under your foils?
  11. ronray

    Toning level 8 with Wella

    If the hair still looks like an 8/03 you need to add violet. You could try 9/16ct, but may be better off using illumina 8/69. As For blending in any patches I'd just use ct 6/71, use it to cover the patch and blend it down in to the blonde :)
  12. ronray

    Toning level 9 hair to silver/grey/ash

    Don't mix 0/88 in to 8/81. Koleston and colour touch should never be mixed. All the shades you've selected seem to be lacking violet. I think what's probably happening is you're laying blue and green tones over a pale yellow base which isn't giving you that clean silver because neither blue nor...
  13. ronray

    Metallic salts reaction, I wanted to cry!

    Oh boy, definitely sounds like metalic salts were present. Did you establish what it was that she was using? I know some over the counter shampoos and conditioners have metalic salts in them. Is there a chance she may have used henna at Some point? Some people wouldn't consider that colouring...
  14. ronray

    Strawberry blonde melt

    If you're looking to recreate this then the root colour is probably a base 7 and broken up with the balayage. I'd be looking at 8/43+7/37 for the root with 6%, and tone the lightened ends with 10/04 + 9/3 with pastel.
  15. ronray

    Double base colour 88/0

    12/1and 12% wouldn't really cut it. I'd probably just do some really fine sections of bleach +1.9%
  16. ronray

    Red hair

    I'd do a full head of highlights. I'm not sure varying the developer strength will give you much of a multi toned look. I'd just stick with the full highlights, do them really close together and fine sections. I'd apply a colour inbetween. Either something to neutralise the warmth or something...
  17. ronray

    Colouring hair as a mobile hairdresser in the new normal

    What's her natural base level? Some brands do Highlift brown tints, this might be an option.
  18. ronray

    Creamy blonde

    Sorry your question is a little vague, what's your starting base and what base do you plan to lift it to if necessary?
  19. ronray


    You could use /88 but be very careful as its quite inky, it's very dense.
  20. ronray

    Wella 6/97

    If you want a very natural cool colour then 6/97 would be perfect. If you're going to pre pig I'd probably only use a gold. If you used copper, it would leave you with a warmer result.