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  1. tsparker78

    Achieving ash brown over a red

    Remember your color wheel. 6.1 won't touch it. You need green, 6.2. Use two formulas. One to cover the regrowth and another to neutralize the red.
  2. tsparker78

    Going down 2 levels using Wella Koleston

    Not sure anyone is doing hair right now, but use color touch to darken. Will last longer and fade less.
  3. tsparker78

    Desperate conditioner recommendation needed

    If you are dealing with overbleached hair, I'd try olaplex stand alone followed by number 2. Then follow that with and good professional (i use Wella) intense conditioner.
  4. tsparker78

    Schwarzkopf Igora silver

    Why not just mix bleach (i use Blondo) with low level peroxide? Then of course, silver can be permanent, demi permanent, or semi permanent. So that also effects the method of removal. Right tool for the right job = better hair.
  5. tsparker78

    Caramel highlights

    Take a look at the sticky on how to ask for haircolor help. Caramel and dark blonde mean different things to different people. If you want precise advice.
  6. tsparker78

    Help, peachy tone Wella
  7. tsparker78

    Help, peachy tone Wella

    If you do a search you will find posts on this forum with extensive lists of wella kp formulas or cocktails. This forum has a wealth of information going back at least a decade.
  8. tsparker78

    Caramel highlights on grey hair

    Well for me, I have to be satisfied. I'm much pickier than most clients .
  9. tsparker78

    Schwarzkopf Igora silver

    Bleach bathing is both over rated and damaging. What are you trying to avhieve and where are you starting?
  10. tsparker78

    Caramel highlights on grey hair

    That is completely untrue. Level 9 in wella koleston will certainly cover.
  11. tsparker78

    Advice wanted on toning a full head bleach with 9.16 KP

    It will. You also have to watch it. I alway mix illumina 9/69 with 9/0. That may not be necessary if there is a strong yellow tone. Mix 1:2 with pastel.
  12. tsparker78

    Advice wanted on toning a full head bleach with 9.16 KP

    You aren't going to neutralize the gold with 8. You need 6 or violet tone for that.
  13. tsparker78

    Colour advice black to blue flashes!

    Same here!
  14. tsparker78

    Illumina glossing

    I love refreshing double process blondes with the illumina glossing treatment and have always used wella post service, but I am thinking about trying it with olaplex no. 2. Anyone else tried this?
  15. tsparker78

    Honest replies please - go or no go?

    Do you have any community colleges in your area? If so, check out their cosmo. programs.
  16. tsparker78

    Does my hair need protein or moisture?

    If that's you in the pic it's over bleached on the ends and that's why it's breaking.
  17. tsparker78

    Best professional fashion colour?

    I'm loving pravana at the moment.
  18. tsparker78

    Lowlights on bleached hair?

    Sorry, for the repetition. I missed your post.
  19. tsparker78

    Best bleach for lift and condition?

    Don't neglect to get and use the serum. It's a must. Also use the silflift developer. It was an investment since I'm a wella guy, but it's a good product.
  20. tsparker78

    Honest replies please - go or no go?

    Where are you?