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  1. traciecheeky

    Beauty salons opening from Monday 13th July in England

    I work in a express beauty bar located in Sainsbury’s, my boss have been fab and reassured us we’ll be fine, I know I will just me being silly x
  2. traciecheeky

    Beauty salons opening from Monday 13th July in England

    I start work tomorrow too 8-3 I’m so nervous! I’m sure il be fine.. just strange going back after having so long off :(
  3. traciecheeky

    A July return!

    Would this benefit me too? I don’t own a salon but I work in one x
  4. traciecheeky

    I got let go

    Thank you for all your kind words. I have seen for myself my old salon is going down hill. So I don’t think it was me personally just poor management. I’m in a better place so let’s see what 2020 brings x
  5. traciecheeky

    I got let go

    So I thought I would write a update! I’m onto my 3rd month now, I’ve had extra training to ensure I’m up to the salons standard and had lots of practice! My manger has offered me a permanent position! In my old salon I rarely had people in as it was bookings so was really quiet. I’m now doing up...
  6. traciecheeky


    I’m early too- I’m currently on my second year in the industry. The mistakes I can think of I have made are forgetting the top coat, I tinted a ladies eyebrows too dark- she was really fussy and didn’t want them to look noticeable, but had white hair, so obviously the tint would come through...
  7. traciecheeky


    When I did my first Brazilian the hot wax got stuck to my clients hair- I was absolutely dying inside, in the end I had to cut it off with scissors. I didn’t charge her and I cried at reception she came out obviously felt bad hugged me and told me not to worry about it. She never did come back...
  8. traciecheeky


    Just thought I’d start a light hearted thread on mistakes made during your first years into the industry. Anything funny nothing too serious, just would like to hear others stories. I once forgot to top coat a hand on a client nails - needless to say she came back shortly and of course I...
  9. traciecheeky

    Starting again and need advice

    I felt I needed to reply to this. I did nails when I was 17 I loved it. I fell pregnant at 19. And due to my daughter getting type 1 diabetes at 14 months old and her health being really bad. (Most of her childhood was spent in hospitals) when she was 4 I urmed and arhed for ages whenever to get...
  10. traciecheeky

    Help, difficult client!

    I feel your pain! I work in a walk in service beauty bar in sainsburys. My last client of the day was a nightmare!! She was a lovely lady but had a bored 3 year old sitting on her lap.. it was a file and gel which usually takes me about 20 minutes to do! I have children so I completely...
  11. traciecheeky

    New to gels

    Prep is key! Buffing and properly dehydrating the nail. Thin coats and avoid the skin. And remember to cap the nail! And of course practice practice practice! Good luck! X
  12. traciecheeky

    Gel Bottle application/removal timing

    I use shellac but removal and application usually takes me 35 mins x But on feet 45 mins- toes are always harder in my opinion to get off! X
  13. traciecheeky

    Do you remember your first client?

    Yes I do!! My first ever client I **** myself with nerves!! And the job itself was horrendous!! My client was my old college tutor and I felt her eyes staring the whole time! It made me so nervous My second client knew I was nervous and was lovely. At my new job since October this year I mainly...
  14. traciecheeky

    Gel nail embellishments

    Thank you for your advice! Will have to give it a go x
  15. traciecheeky

    Gel nail embellishments

    Thank you for reply. At work we use cnd shellac. Do you know if that requires a glue to use foils? And do you know what kind of glue works best? As for marbling I meant to add this is the way with gel polish.. what method do you recommend is best for normal polish and gel polish?
  16. traciecheeky

    Gel nail embellishments

    Sorry I’m going to jump on this thread.. I understand how to apply glitter. Will nail foils adhere to the tacky layer too? As I’ve seen some people use glue with it.. also marbling.. so many different techniques- i was taught apply blobs of polish, drop acetone drops and swirl.. however some...
  17. traciecheeky

    So slow, please help!

    I had this problem I practised on friends and family and my salon at the time did offers on waxing so people would come in. Ive only ever worked with salon system and billion dollar brow wax. Sorry I know it’s rubbish advice but practice really does make perfect. If you could offer discounted...
  18. traciecheeky

    Working with a cold?

    Truthfully I take paracetamol and ibuprofen every 4 hours, drink lots of water and rest as soon as I’m home. Sorry I know it’s a rubbish answer. I tend to suffer with chest infections/bad coughs with every cold, so I just have some cough sweets always on hand x
  19. traciecheeky

    Lash lifting, struggling to get good results

    When I did lvl lash training, let the glue go a little tacky on the shield first, it helps it stick better. And do small sections of lashes at a time and hold for a few secs, then go to the next section. You may find smaller lashes that do come unstuck during the different stages. Don’t panic...
  20. traciecheeky

    I got let go

    So I got the job!! I start Sunday 6th October 10-4pm thank you all for you words of encouragement!!! X