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  1. Princessstacie

    HEEEELLLP!!! Leaflet printers!!!

    Hi all! Am in a right mess now! I am moving into a new salon on wednesday and will start trading on monday. I will be renting a room and the owner has kindly said she would get get leaflets for myself and another therapist printed for us. Here we are two days before the move and she has said...
  2. Princessstacie

    Eve taylor

    :)Hi all!! Was just wondering how long it takes usually for your orders to come through with eve taylor? Need to know so i can make sure i am in to recieve it. xx
  3. Princessstacie

    Teeth whitening course?

    Does anyone know where i can find out about training in teeth whitening. A salon near me has introduced it and has become HUGELY popular. So was thinking of maybe doing myself? xx
  4. Princessstacie

    Spray tan problem!!!!

    I ahve recently started spray tanning after doing a course and everything seems to be going ok. Apart from one thing....... The hands of my clients seem to go really really dark and streaky! I have tried using a barrier cream, a spray that is supposed to prevent the streaking and over processing...
  5. Princessstacie

    Course not what it made out to be!

    :irked: Hi all i really need you advice, I started a course last night that was for nail extentions and nail art it is a vctc course and will end up giving me a level 2 nail tech and level 2 in nail art. The thing is, when applying for the course i was told it would involve l+p which is the main...
  6. Princessstacie

    Facial massage.....

    :lol:Hello fello geeks me again! Now, when i was taught to do facials we were given 36 massage moves to learn and perform in our assessments, they had to cover each massage range enough times eg effluege,petrissage,tapotement,vibrations. Im just a little confused because i've noticed that alot...
  7. Princessstacie

    Fsb ???????

    :eek:Hi everyone, I have a rep from the fsb coming to see me tomorrow afternoon but im a bit confused as to what,or how they are going to help me? When i spoke to a lady to book the appointment she sounded more like a sales person and wanting to sell me something rather than provide me with a...
  8. Princessstacie

    Renting a room!

    Hello everyone. I have a meeting with a lady who owns a salon near to me and is renting out one of her rooms.she sounds realy nice and understands that i only want to be there part time due to my daughter etc. She said she would 'probably' charge around 50 pound a day for the room.Is this the...
  9. Princessstacie

    Room to rent?

    Hi everyone just wondered if you can help me? I am currently looking for a room to rent in the portsmouth area but cant seem to find anywhere! Does anyone know of any hairdressers or salons in this area or surounding areas that have one or where i could look to find one? I would be soooooo...