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  1. Princessstacie

    House hunting/property viewing

    If your share of the home is worth more than £40,000 then you will still have to pay the higher rate stamp duty. I will double check though just to make sure
  2. Princessstacie

    Eyelash extensions - bloodshot eye

    If the eyelid isn't swollen itself but the lower part of the eye is bloodshot and irritated, it might have been a reaction to the pads. I have had clients that react to the pads and not the lashes. Especially when they are applied close to eye. The gel/callogen can swell into the eye and cause...
  3. Princessstacie

    Eyelash extension help

    Also I would reccommend a 0.15 lash. Some companies do great flat lashes that look like .20 but aren't as heavy and as damaging xx
  4. Princessstacie

    Eyelash extension help

    Like it's been said before, it's all down to practice. Get some good quality glue that sets a bit quicker. Make sure you're not coating the lash extension in too much glue too. Isolation is hard but it comes with practice. Also make sure your client is laid close enough so you are comfortable...
  5. Princessstacie

    Starting up mobile

    Hiya, I have found vista print fab! I was mobile, until renting a room in a salon, and found there were some great deals. I have one of there websites too and it only costs me around £7 a month. They are always doing offers where you can get free business cards and postcards (which act great as...
  6. Princessstacie

    HEEEELLLP!!! Leaflet printers!!!

    Hi all! Am in a right mess now! I am moving into a new salon on wednesday and will start trading on monday. I will be renting a room and the owner has kindly said she would get get leaflets for myself and another therapist printed for us. Here we are two days before the move and she has said...
  7. Princessstacie

    Spray Tanning a Man

    I do the same also. I have never really had a problem with hairy men. Like kylie said i use a mitt on the really hairy areas to dab the excess. HTH XX
  8. Princessstacie

    Brazillian waxing

    I always offer baby wipes (sensitive ones) and say ' theres wipes there for you to freshen up if you need to' and then leave the room for them to get ready. Most of my clients are pretty conscious about it anyway so i dont seem to have a problem. Athough i did have a lady once with a sanitary...
  9. Princessstacie

    Business cards

    yes vista print hun, i've found them great there are loads of promotions too. hth xxx
  10. Princessstacie

    Eve taylor

    :)Hi all!! Was just wondering how long it takes usually for your orders to come through with eve taylor? Need to know so i can make sure i am in to recieve it. xx
  11. Princessstacie

    Help for any salon owners who rent rooms out..

    I have to agree here. I pay 35 pound a day for my room and i thought that was cheap! I wouldn't dream of asking to extend the ceiling etc. Have you got a contract written up? If so just state that its on her contract how she took the room and if she is going to continue with these demands then...
  12. Princessstacie

    Tan Patch Test Reaction ... what to do ?

    I think this is really bad! What would you do if any of your clients had a reaction? That could be your tanning career over! You wouldnt have a leg to stand on and your insurance would not cover you.:eek:
  13. Princessstacie

    Comment by 'Princessstacie' in media 'Me and the daughter'

    she is gonna break a few hearts when she is older! Gorgeous little girl! xx
  14. Princessstacie

    Eve Taylor users - Colloidal Oatmeal Mask - HELP!

    Im sure if the client didnt comment on it then she must have been happy still. It may be just a thing that happens to her in general? I wouldnt have used steam myself but as long as you treated her according to your skin analysis on her then i wouldnt worry hun. HTH XX
  15. Princessstacie

    What would you have done ......

    I think you handled it very well, i probably would have poked her eyes out with the wrong end of my sculpting brush! Not very professional i know!!!! tut tut *slaps wrists* he he xx
  16. Princessstacie

    Waxing hollywood

    Dont mean to sound rude hun, but you would need to check if you are still insured to be carrying out this treatment. Regardless if there is no training in your area or not, If you were to hurt or damage someone downstairs you would not have a leg to stand on. Just a word of warning, have a quick...
  17. Princessstacie

    Thanks Collin, Its so nice to know that im doing something right and have the support from...

    Thanks Collin, Its so nice to know that im doing something right and have the support from everyone. Im really passionate about This industry and want to make things work for myself and help others. If that means stamping out the rogues (i'd like to call them something else but i'll bite my...
  18. Princessstacie

    The best spray tan solution ever made!!

    The thing is, posts like this that say that ''this lotion is the best'' etc. Is misleading to newbies and people who are only just starting out in the industry. Let people find it our for them selves with a little help or guidence when they need it. Not a full on '' you have to have this its the...
  19. Princessstacie

    Encouraging your other half to have treatment???

    I have also done indian head massage and can say that i had the same problem! My hubby was all up for being a case study but as soon as i sat him down and started tuning in to his chakras he was in fits on the floor laughing his head off. Its so frustrating isnt it! So basically i offered a...
  20. Princessstacie

    Tan Patch Test Reaction ... what to do ?

    I always patch test too. At the end of the day any sensible person would and it covers your back. If they react to it the dont get sprayed. Simple. If you had three people wanting to be sprayed for going away the next day then i would be inclined not to do it. Some people patch test and then...