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    A bit of fun

    Haha I love this especially number 6- so true!! 😂 Sent from my iPhone using SalonGeek
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    Colour pop nail display

    Hi I have a colour pop nail display. Can anyone tell me what they use to put the polish names on each colour pop stick? Sent from my iPhone using SalonGeek
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    CND lamp replacement wire/plug?

    Can anyone help. The wire on my lamp has split, it's holding together just now but I would like to get a new one. I've called fingertips centre and they said I will need to buy a whole new lamp as they don't sell the wire/ plug separately. Has this happened to anyone else? My lamp is working...
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    Chipping nails

    Sorry I know there have probably been hundreds of posts about this!! Can anyone help I use gelish and all my clients and myself love it, no chipping and lasts at least 2 weeks. The only people it doesn't seem to work on are my mum and sister!! They seem to chip after a few days the only product...
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    Theatrical makeup course

    I would love to learn theatrical makeup does anyone know anywhere in the Glasgow area that does this? When I search all that seems to come up is beginner or bridal makeup courses. Sent from my iPhone using SalonGeek
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    Has anyone heard of/ purchased from It's slightly cheaper than where I'd usually buy but I'm scared it's fake! Sent from my iPhone using SalonGeek
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    Turning garage into salon

    I'm seriously thinking about converting my garage into a beauty salon but I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing. I have an existing clientele and would promote myself with a lot of advertising. My garage right now is an empty shell and I'd be happy to change the door and add windows etc. Has...
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    Babyliss satin smooth wax warmer

    Has anyone used this? I'm looking to buy a cheap wax heater to use on myself and my sister. I'm use to the phd heater but the wax is getting too expensive now x
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    How to get wax off clothing?

    Does anyone know how to get wax off of clothing?? X
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    Beauty dress?

    Hiya :) looking for a nice beauty tunic style dress for over the summer. I've seen one on Simon jersey but they are out of stock. Can anyone recommend another website? Just looking for black. Thanks! Xx
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    Semi permanent make-up training

    I am based in Glasgow, does anyone know the nearest training place to me? I would prefer recommendations rather than booking somewhere I don't know :)
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    Dying moustaches

    Wasn't sure what forum to put this in. Has anyone done this before? One of my beauty clients husband is growing a moustache for movember and wants to dye it a crazy colour like pink or blue but I wasn't sure if you could and if so what dye would you use? I hope you can as I would love to see the...
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    Dying moustaches

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    Facial threading

    Has anyone had this done before, I have quite a hairy face very fair but I still notice them, I feel like a peach lol!! Thinking of getting my face threaded but I'm scared the hairs come back a lot darker, has this happened to anyone? Thanks :)
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    New salon chair rental prices

    Hi I'm opening a new hair and beauty salon in my area. I've never had hairdressers before so not sure on how much to charge chair rental. I was thinking £100 a week I would supply electricity, towels, heating etc but they would need to supply shampoos, colours, hair dryers. I've done some...
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    Glitter eyeshadow

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone knows what type of glitter you would use for amazing glitter eyeshadow, I'm thinking for Xmas and new year. I've heard that mac mixing medium is a good glue base, is this true? Thanks
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    Advice needed please

    I currently rent a beauty room in a hairdressers but recently I have been looking for my own shop to do hair and beauty. Found somewhere perfect this morning, great location and very spacious. I am now looking for 3 hairdressers to start probably January. I want to sign lease but need to have...
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    I rent a room in a salon just now but hate the area, I've seen a shop unit to let in an area I would prefer but as I am a beautician I would like to get some hairdressers in. Do you think I would be better supplying colours shampoos etc and charging accordingly or charging per chair and hair...
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    PHD wax pot over heating

    This is my second pot in 3 years that I've had to buy and now I think I'm going to need to replace this one! I've been keeping it on 4/5 for small waxes (eyebrows,lip etc) and I still feel its too hot so have to leave it lying out for a couple of mins. I did a patch test on my arm yesterday and...