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  1. nailzoo

    How do you apply your acrylic/L&P?

    depends on what I am doing (and the client) just to throw a cat amongst the pigeons, I do zone 2 first :-) Acrylic Nails - Natural Looking Acrylic Nails Part 1 - YouTube
  2. nailzoo

    Really bad cuticles

    sometimes you have to cut, but you have to know what to cut .... if you don't, don't do it ....... Natural Nail Transformation Full Video - YouTube
  3. nailzoo

    Smart Polish?

    tried it, found it dull ........ yes it's easy, it's kinda like a cheap paint-job on a car, if you want gloss, a real lustre, you need a topcoat, for the price, I think it's expensive ........ people will buy it (no doubt) i think everyone should, just to see what you are missing out on, then...
  4. nailzoo

    Nail Technicians-The poor relation?

    An interesting discussion, I liked the "nail damage nails perspective" from a beauty therapist, I believe there are so many beauty products now, they all bitch about each other (may improve, actually they do) but they are so bloody competitive they rely on pushing sales (many of the services are...
  5. nailzoo

    Smart Polish?

    I don't understand, you jumped on the original posters back, what apology, this thread is really strange (go back and read all replies) ...... I just wanted some answers .....
  6. nailzoo

    Smart Polish?

    I asked for details on the "science" aspect of the product on their Facebook page, I was told it was a trade secret (fair enough) but I would like to understand how it works ...... CND will tell you how all their products work .... they can, because they make them. Very few ...... "I'm going to...
  7. nailzoo

    Cuticle on bitten nails?

    Sometimes you have to cut, but you have to know the difference between dead and live, I moisturise, then dehydrate, then it makes it quite obvious what is dead and what is live ..... BUT, you have to have good eyes and a steady hand, if you don't .... don't do it at all, I couldn't possible...
  8. nailzoo

    Smart Polish?

    Time will tell, before anything else, I like to see some "science" behind a product, unless a company had an R&D department devoted to just that "research and development" it is more than probable that it is a mass produced, vat produced product rebottled. Really you cannot trial these polishes...
  9. nailzoo

    Another gel nail polish system discounted for non professionals

    It's more damaging, needs more prep, needs more soaking, needs scraping off, has no science at all behind it, but if that's the kind of work you do and the kind of product you like, who am I to stop you ? ..... YOU CAN OFTEN DEFINE YOURSELF AND YOUR BUSINESS BY THE PRODUCT YOU USE .... can...
  10. nailzoo

    Is cheap always poor quality?

    Many will always try and save money by buying cheaper, usually it works out more expensive .... because it usually turns out to be crap, then your buy again and again until you reach a RESPECTABLE product. Would you buy cheap crap to use on yourself ? Probably not, so why buy crap to use on...
  11. nailzoo

    Would you charge cancellation charge

    I would ignore her, obviously she show you no respect and has already cost you money .... ditch the bitch
  12. nailzoo

    Lost a client due to enforcing my cancellation policy

    I have a 3 hour cancellation policy, I think 24 hours is way too long, so much can happen in that time. Question: If you were sick and gave clients less than 24 hrs notice, do you reverse you cancellation policy and credit them a free appointment ?
  13. nailzoo

    The Worlds Faster Sculptures Competition

    She was within the rules, shame others didn't think outside the box
  14. nailzoo

    The Worlds Faster Sculptures Competition

    There has been quite a bit of controversy about the winner, she used forms :-) Some say they are not sculptures, but most of us know they are sculptured inside the form. Your thoughts ? Nailpro Pasadena 2013 Amy Becker, Fastest Nails Winner, Guinness World Records, 7:56 - YouTube
  15. nailzoo

    On Television in Oz tonight

    We try hard to bring attention to these salons ........
  16. nailzoo

    How to ask a transgender female, if she is, for intimate waxing?

    The above is very tactful and respectful, most transsexuals will be "tucked" for any kind of service like this, it's just the way they are, there is no no to be fearful .... OR, you can just come straight out and say "can you put the dog under the house luv" with a smile, they will get the...
  17. nailzoo

    The genuine Shellac poster

    Share it as much as you want, it annoys me that people use the name, but not the product .....
  18. nailzoo

    How can I get my dappen dish clean?

    the most important thing is to learn from your mistakes, not the fact "I knew it, but didn't have the time", you can go on using excuses forever .... If nobody jumps on you nobody learns, what's the point of saying "you poor dear" when in fact you need a kick up the bum :-) Particularly when...
  19. nailzoo

    Natural nail filing technique

    I've never made a natural nail split EVER, I would use a 240 grit on women's nails if you finish it off and polish the free-edge to a fine finish, it's all the same, you do have to gentle to a certain degree
  20. nailzoo

    Shellac bluesky

    in the end , I just let other people do s*** nails with s*** products. I have NEVER seen ANYONE as competition, i just potter on using good products and good service, you will never win the "chav" market, so why bother stressing about it