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    Help needed with choosing gel polish brand

    Hi, I'm qualified but want to practice on myself before I practice on family/friends and eventually be self employed. I'm thinking of buying a cheaper brand of nail polish to practice on myself rather than investing £100s that I don't really have and not make any money for months. Would...
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    Halo brand?

    Hi, I have searched and can't seem to find am answer to this question - are halo a professional brand only? Thank you, X
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    Training advice

    Hi I have been accepted today onto my level 3 nail technology course (pending me passing my level 2 Beauty). Only issue is they didn't run the course last year due to numbers, and won't tell us until September if it will run or not. At the moment it's only me and my friend on it, and they need...
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    Hi, I'm studying lvl 2 beauty. When do you start thinking about business names? And setting up install/www/Facebook ect? I would like to point out I know it's way off yet but I've never done something like this before! Thank you Rhi x
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    Nail brands while training

    Hello, I have just started my lvl 2 beauty course, and my aim is to become a nail tech. I am going to Olympia and wanted to know what brands people use? More importantly, what brands I could use now while I'm training as I have people willing to be a guinea pig for me, but no tools (so to...
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    Hi, As I'm just starting lvl2 beauty and want to do nails, which YouTube channels are good for me to gain understanding and knowledge? Thank you, Rhi x
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    Professional Beauty & general advice

    Hello, I have just started my level 2 beauty therapy qualification. I'm loving it so far . I have booked a ticket to go to the professional beauty show on Sunday - do you have any advice as to what I should be looking at/for? I am hoping to become self employed and mobile with nails (this is a...