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  1. Rinn

    To train or not to train

    I've read some interesting responses to a thread on a FB page and it got me thinking. The op was concerned because a local girl was starting to do 'shellac' for a fiver because of personal circumstance ,she couldn't get any training. Everyone was up in arms ,angry that an unqualified...
  2. Rinn


    What is your understanding of solvents and their uses within the nail industry?
  3. Rinn

    CND Shellac layering options

    2 x blush teddy then 1 x nude knickers .
  4. Rinn

    Being aware of moles

    I was tanning a lady a couple of weeks ago. I noticed she had a mole on her shoulder blade. I always make clients aware of moles on the back of their body because they obviously can't see them. This one was not only black but it was pearlised looking so I informed her that she had a mole and...
  5. Rinn

    What's in your car?

    I have just cleaned out my it I found. 1 pair of heels and 1 pair of flats. a top and a cardigan a packet of large envelopes. 2 phone chargers 2 empty water bottles a half bottle of desperse:rolleyes: the head of the vacuum cleaner.:eek: 12 hand towels a pile of shopping...
  6. Rinn

    To glove or not to glove?

    That is the question..... Do you believe we should glove up for each and every service for each and every client ? Or do you believe that it is only necessary to glove up for certain treatments and why?
  7. Rinn

    Sterex Diathermy

    Alas after 17 faithful years I think my beloved machine has had enough. I am now using a newer model ..a youngster at only 7 years old. I am loathe to throw out the old machine so wonder have any of you guys had an old machine revamped with success. I am not in the uk so for me it's a drama...
  8. Rinn

    Favourite Brisa Blends?

    Would any of you like to share your favorite Brisa blends? Could you accompany the 'recipe' with a photo where possible . I'm loving a 50/50 mix of warm / neutral pink opaques at the moment ... Will post a picture when I'm finished
  9. Rinn

    Best actor/actress

    without a doubt... Robert De Niro Meryl Streep. who do you think?
  10. Rinn

    Boo...yayy day

    New white shirt ended up pink..unexpected colour run. Boo Rewashed pink shirt with a magic colour restorer.....the return of the whit shirt ...yayyy. Finished up most of my housework this evening ..yayy. Just split my finger open Got a bottle of wine off a client today...
  11. Rinn

    Full moon, half moon...

    I've had the most bizarre day at work.....Fridays are normally back to back , mental busy . Today was only ticking along. I had clients forget their appointments , show up hours late, cancel , cry , complain and generally give me a hard time ... I was like ..what the hell is going on today...
  12. Rinn

    Would you ever ....

    Read the messages on your OH's phone? I was watching a programme and one of the characters picked up and started reading the messages on the partners phone .... I wouldn't myself and he wouldn't read mine but if he did I would annoyed.....what do you think?
  13. Rinn

    Katie Hopkins

    ok love her or hate her... Stan Collymore has tweeted...I'd love to buy Katie Hopkins' silence... she re tweeted ...alternatively you could just kick me in the head till I can't talk..I am a woman after all.. Touche Stan!
  14. Rinn

    Tom Holcomb

    I'm interested to find out more information about the late great Tom Holcomb. Any thing sbout him on the net is very patchy. I understand he was a genius in his field. I would appreciate it if anyone had any information about him that they could share with us.
  15. Rinn

    Britain's Got Talent

    I have a girl crush!!! I love Alisha Dixon, she has such a lovely face and I love her laugh...
  16. Rinn

    Happiness is....

    Changing into your jammies after a busy day at work.
  17. Rinn


    Does it bother you getting older?.. 2 clients today having a moan about getting/feeling old. Come on...surely its better than the alternative?!
  18. Rinn

    Empty bottles.

    I've been using CND shellac since it was launched in April 2010. I am annoyed with myself that I just threw out all the empty bottles as I think if I had of kept them I could have made up a window display with them. I started the beginning of this year to keep the empties and hope to have...
  19. Rinn

    Guns and Roses

    I wonder what our Jacquelineanna thinks of this? 6 Year Old Drumming Prodigy Nails
  20. Rinn

    Diet and cancer

    I was reading a very interesting article this morning about bowel cancer. Where I live is a hot spot for this type of cancer. I personally believe that bowel health is imperative to overall health. Most mothers would be extremely concerned for their child's health if they hadn't a daily...