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    HD Brow / LVL start up kits - how many sets of brows?

    I've done around 20 plus sets since I first trained with HD Brows. I've had to replenish my orangewood sticks, my patch tests have gone out of date (they only had three months expiry on them when I got them), but I've got plenty of tint left, masses of wax and all of the other required...
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    LVL Lash Lift problem

    I've been doing LVL for about two years now and am now able to do my own, both eyes at once. I started out doing one eye at a time, but once you've mastered that, it's not that much more difficult to do two eyes at once with eyes half closed. It's definitely a knack though. If your lashes are...
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    Eyelash extensions-are you suppose to shampoo them?

    I always advise my lash clients to clean their lashes daily. I'm horrified when they tell me they avoid all contact with water as this is only necessary for the first 24 hours as the adhesive cures. Daily cleaning helps prevent eye infections and gets rid of any build up of natural oils which...