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  1. minky

    Hair extensions aftercare

    Hi Kelsha , I think someone already posted an after care leaflet on here but your extensionist should always give you one of these as they are very important I use shampoo from Banbury Postiche it's really lovely but it will need to be ordered from your professional hairdresser / extensionist...
  2. minky

    Hey hows you doin ? x

    Hey hows you doin ? x
  3. minky

    opinion on a colour?

    Hi , I don't use colourly but.... I think you should test piece this hair all the way then you will have first hand test results to see and work from very be careful of grab and the hair sucking the darker colours you have planned on the mid lenghts and ends The test pieces will indicate what...
  4. minky


    Hi, *JOANNE* that's great news I really love those Celtic copper colours too Great idea to use the spatula :) ooh I'll bet it brought out lots of lovely shimmering coppery tones . I am really glad it all went well, and thank you for the feedback *JOANNE* as I am sure lots of others on...
  5. minky

    Hi izzidoll , lovely to hear from you x thank you for the rep, only just seen it :) x minks

    Hi izzidoll , lovely to hear from you x thank you for the rep, only just seen it :) x minks
  6. minky

    Help needed!!!

    Hi , not too sure if you mean colour over bleached hair ? or colour some darker parts a light brown ? If you want to use KP tint with 3% over the bleached blonde parts ? you should test piece this first all the way ... as any brown shades over highly bleached porous hair can still produce...
  7. minky

    what wella colour to use with welloxon

    Hi, it not the usual you shouldn't really be using these two mixes for pastel toning bleached blonde hair .... these products are both way too strong for simple pastel toning .... I would not try and use them . You should ask your hairdresser to go and pick out the toner for you instead before...
  8. minky

    Wella Koleston Special Mix

    Hi, if your not a trained hairdresser .... then you could always take it to your local college and ask them to mix and apply it for you x
  9. minky

    Extensions Help please, nail geek here x

    Hi, It is a hard one ..... as you have seen her hair and you say it looks fab all the time .... so hopefully your extensions will look and remain fab too! But!... as I haven't seen or examined the hair etc ... I really couldn't pass a full and proper opinion.... The good news is that...
  10. minky

    'Risque' men's salon continues US expansion

    Hi, Personally I hate getting a hairy chest when cutting hair , so I am afraid my zipper gets zipped all the way up for my own comfort :green: I would feel very uncomfortable knowing I was purposely dressing up to allow men to ogle my curvy bits .... :o I reckon its also asking for...
  11. minky

    Extensions Help please, nail geek here x

    Hi Siansy ,if you yourself, or your clients really do want to test the entire piece of the hair on their own short hair .... then they can cut the extension hair in half and attach both the pieces by using some extra bonding glue on the top of cut piece iykwim minks x
  12. minky

    Extensions Help please, nail geek here x

    Katiebaby even if you had trial pieces installed .... its usually to see if you are suited to them etc and there is no guarantee that she will install the same hair type so it's a big gamble That's why word of mouth , and talking to someone who you have actually seen wearing her hair...
  13. minky

    Extensions Help please, nail geek here x

    I know what you mean ... for testing it would be better not to cut them and to leaving them alone :eek: but... can you imagine how it would look lols :lol: so.... no I don't leave long bits and peices either but as Katiebbabys hair is long already , she will get more of a true...
  14. minky

    Extensions Help please, nail geek here x

    I am wondering if the 20 inch hair is very light blonde hair ? and this may be the reason why it is so expensive ..... once again do get the trial ones put in first to see x minks hth
  15. minky


    Hi, Joanne Or you could do it the same colour, but then add some scattered foils in rich deeper red shades the 6/43 KP tint looks nice .... using 3% or even 1.9% if you want it a bit deeper ... Again test piece it first , x minks
  16. minky


    I would add just a touch of base to the KP tint where the white hair is for coverage But not with the colour touch (for the mid lengths and ends) ... as it can grab more easily on the mid lengths and ends especially as there is no white hair to be covering in this area , Test peice it...
  17. minky


    Hi Joanne, You mean adding a touch of base just for the root area ? 8/43 looks lovely and the 7/43 looks lovely too (you could do some test pieces to see which one she likes most) If your'e worried about covering the white hair at the root then You could do it with the KP tint using your...
  18. minky

    Vibrant red

    Hi, after pre lightening dark hair evenly to orange wash off and apply a crazy colour in red fire for a very bright red here are a couple of links...
  19. minky

    Hair Extension colouration

    Hi Soph , unless I myself have ordered the actual hair myself .... then I won't colour it.
  20. minky

    L'oreal Dia Colour Gelee

    Any decent hairdressing wholesalers should have these at wholesale price