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  1. cassies97

    Private messages not appearing in app

    As the title says really. I can follow the email link to view conversation and that works, but if i go to the message option it says no private messages. Any help?
  2. cassies97

    My Gofundme

    Hi everyone! I'd be so grateful if you could all take a look at my gofundme. I'm not asking any of you to donate but i'd at least like you to read what i have to say and scratch the surface of what I'm going through. Thanks everyone x
  3. cassies97

    Coming out to you guys

    Hi everyone, I've got some news for you all. So, for all of my life i've been unhappy... I've never felt like a fitted in. When I was little I always wanted to play with girls toys, wear girls clothes and i couldn't understand why I wasn't aloud. Since forever I've been trying to make myself...
  4. cassies97

    Just a warning

  5. cassies97

    Unable to use app

    I've just gone to use the app and it'd logged me out so tried to log in and this happened...
  6. cassies97

    Archie Lloyds

    Any of you who've used Archie lloyds hair... Whats your HONEST opinion of them? I don't want comments from anyone who's affiliated with them because i and you know full well who you are so don't waste my time! Thanks x
  7. cassies97

    I'm so sick of spots!

    So for a few years now I've suffered with acne, its never been specified to me by a doctor what type of acne. Its always been around me mouth, chin and jaw, never anywhere else however i get the odd spot on my forehead or brow. Its pretty consistently like this: I've tried duac, antibiotics...
  8. cassies97

    Electrolysis query

    I'm curious... As i know electrolysis can cause irritation/scabs; could i still get electrolysis on my face if i have bad acne?
  9. cassies97

    Super cleansing shampoo

    As the title says really. My scalp never feels clean enough and now its becoming really dry! I want to be so clean it tingle with freshness but its always still itchy and dirtyish feeling. Any ideas?
  10. cassies97

    Chronic chapped lips

    So i was wondering if a skin geek could give me some help! For pretty much all of my life i've had really bad chapped lips. I can delay them with things like blistex medplus and daily lip conditioner which i really do the job but if i don't apply it again within about 20 minutes my lips are...
  11. cassies97

    Olaplex with direct dyes?

    Can we mix olaplex no1 with direct dyes? And true semi permanents?
  12. cassies97

    Sketchy BTC pic

    Hmmm where is the level 2? Major bug bear of mine is people not identifying depths correctly!
  13. cassies97

    Trouble sleeping

    Any of you geeks have trouble sleeping? I always have ever since i was little. What does everyone like to do that helps them get to sleep?
  14. cassies97

    Olaplex on extensions

    What's everyones opinions on olaplex on extensions? Has anyone tried the stand alone on dry extensions?
  15. cassies97

    Tasha Jacks wefts

    How long do Tasha Jacks european wefts last on average if they're really looked after?
  16. cassies97

    Olaplex in the UK

    Anyone know when olaplex will be available to ALL hair professionals in uk yet? Its still only available to the 'top' salons. Its a bit of a p***take. Been waiting for it for ages... Beginning to think we're not getting it at all.
  17. cassies97

    The grey/silver thread

    Ok so I've made an allocated thread for grey hair. This is for sharing formulas and discussing grey problems or sharing you grey case studies. I'm getting sick of the amount of grey threads we've had this week and considering people can't seem to use the search function i think this may be the...
  18. cassies97

    Messages have disappeared off the app?

    As above They were there this morning?
  19. cassies97

    Colouring hair when pregnant?

    Whats everyones opinions and experiences with colouring pregnant peoples hair?
  20. cassies97

    SJK colour match help

    Can anyone help me to match the ends of this picture up to SJK? I was thinking a #10? Seriously need to order a colour ring... I can always tone them if needed...